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90 days

1143635_calendar_deskLast month I attended the company sponsored National Conference.  The theme of the event was to make a change within 90 days.  The message was great. The benefits for those who leap on board can be fabulous.  The key element to making the change Leadership.

Being a good leader can be hit or miss.  I try to do the best job I can but many times feel like no one is following.  I’ve heard that the speed of the pack is determined by the leader.  Yet, after review of key leaders on our team I don’t see it.  A number of leaders have bonused (sold a required amount by the company) every month for years and years.  Yet their team is nowhere in sight.

Leaders and leaders to be the message is clear inspire people to move forward.  Mentor them, bring out the best in them.  Have a vision as a leader that will compel the team to come along.  So here’s what I know:

A Leader Needs Vision, and Must Act On It

John Maxwell is quoted, “Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less.”

While at National Conference I asked the team where do you want to be in 90 days.  Of the 9 team members who were there over half said I want to be a leader.  Together we held an on site Unit Workshop on Friday afternoon.  At that time team members were asked to share how they were feeling.  What do you see as obstacles to your 90 day goal.  FEAR was the big-gee.  Fear getting to Leadership and then not being able to handle it.  Fear that people would not join them on this great journey. 

We held a mini-obstacle busting brainstorm.  All were encouraged to create a plan for their personal business and to set goals for their sales and lead generation.  Were they pumped?  I’m not sure but off they went to an evening seminar with the crazy title, “YOU University”

The transformation that took place was amazing.  On Saturday morning when I meet the team.  I wasn’t sure if it was the same folks I left the day before.  Their eyes were sparkling, smiles were wide and the best thing I heard was the presenter had been great.  He shared and said the same things you did at our mini-workshop.  Praise God!

It turns out Rafael O’Farrill had sparked the team to achieve their dream of Unit Leader in 90 days or less. He focused the group on the following premise:

I choose the thought that creates the attitude,which generates the action that produces a certain result.  STOP! Ask Yourself Is what I’m thinking (saying) -A fact or an opinion?, -Conducive to where I want to go? – In line with what I really want to be, do or have?

The team is still on a roll.  For security I sent the President of our company a note sharing the team’s excitement.  We’ve held a couple of events for lead generation and bookings.  One on one phone calls and emails are moving back forth among the team.  The next big step a few of them are trying is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in an attempt to change their thinking and move forward to achieve their goal of leadership and beyond.

The team achieves their goals my dream of bringing them together again as a region will be realized.  Best of luck to all of you who say in 90 days. . .

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