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Welcome to BE Coaching through! Here, you will find information and practical tips and training that you may put in action today to experience a more successful tomorrow.


My mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals by discovering and supporting their dreams, both grand and ordinary. I offer my time and talents to support them in achieving their highest potential in personal, family and professional enrichment. My passion has lead me to serve in the nonprofit world where I've experienced the joys of fundraising and increasing awareness of important causes in our community. My mission has expanded to make a positive impact on nonprofit agencies to help them realize their goals and dreams both grand and ordinary.


Are you a dreamer? Did you enjoy spending time as a child just thinking, picturing and really living your dreams before they ever happened?? I have discovered that my personal success has revolved around focusing and spending thoughtful time on my dreams and goals. Really visualizing them and then taking small steps in the direction of where I want to go is a path you may follow as well. Dream in the dictionary is stated as a vision, an aspiration, to have yearnings. My questions to those who seek my assistance is simply "What are your Dreams?" "What do you wish to accomplish or achieve?" From those answers we can move forward together. Set your course ... follow your dream!


In searching for how to best share this word, I again turned to the dictionary and found the word "decide" described as to determine the result of; to make up one's mind about. So it really comes down to you and when you make up your mind to determine a new or different outcome. How will you decide to move forward in your life? What changes will need to take place for you to set your course? To assist you with deciding, surround yourself with a can-do attitude. Feed yourself daily with motivational stories, magazines and books, inspiring quotes, positive music, apps, social media sites and people. Exercise, work-out call it what you want but get your body moving. A body in motion creates energy and action. Take breaks throughout the day to refresh and refocus as needed. Pray.


A very tiny word with BIG meaning. Do in the words of the dictionary: to perform, to execute, to affect, to finish, to prepare, to act, to be. WOW (in awe) was my first thought to this tiny words description. We can have great dreams and a super attitude but without action where will we be? So I ask, "What do you need to do today to move closer to your vision of success?" What do you need to do this week, month, in the next quarter for success? Set your course ... discover your dreams ... decide you are going after them and then take the action necessary to DO!!

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"Barb helped me with career mapping recently, and really helped me figure out what my strengths are. She knew the right questions to ask, and helped guide me along the way. It a great experience for me, and I really appreciate Barb's help!!"

Carolyn, Director of Public Relations, Brookfield, Wisconsin

"I recently graduated with my master's degree and had been floundering since, not sure which direction to go. You see, I have dreams and goals, but I didn't know what direction to take them. So, I decided to connect with a career coach. Barb Butler helped get me onto a path toward making my dreams a reality. Yes, I know it will take time. But now, instead of floundering, I am planning and aspiring. Can't wait to see what the future has in store."

Sue, Community Engagement, Brown Deer, Wisconsin

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