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Introductions and Icebreakers

BE CoachingI started working with a new company in 2015 and was surprised by the lack of personal introductions individuals made as I walked the halls of the company.  First instincts of course as a human hmm I wonder what’s wrong with me?  And then my thoughts focused on folks don’t like change, folks are wary of the new gal on the block, lots of folks tend to be introverted and its hard to step outside their comfort zone. Perhaps, they really do want to meet me and are unsure how to make the approach.

It’s a new year and I’ve made a resolution to step up and make sure I’m the one breaking the ice and introducing myself.

Being intentional to reach out to others and learn more about them is a goal I’ve set, in order, to create a more successful team environment.  In addition, the company shares a monthly birthday list. My goal: to send a quick birthday email to each person on the list this year. What a simple yet fun way to connect with new co-workers.

When leading a meeting it will be important to go around the room or table and have each person introduce themselves, even, if the individuals have worked with each other for years.  Adding a twist will create camaraderie and allow people to learn something new about their teammates.  One of the most basic icebreakers is having everyone say a few tings about themselves.  It gives everyone an opportunity to learn one another’s names, as well as a few interesting facts about the person, such as countries visited, favorite food, color or music they like to listen to.  Have fun and get creative with the facts that are going to be shared-the more obscure the facts usually the more engaged everyone becomes.

Tailor your icebreaker/introductions depending on the size of the group.  When hosting a large group consider the Talk Show Icebreaker, for this game you will want to split the group into pairs.  Ask each person to interview their partner.  One acts as a talk show host and the other acts as a guest.  The talk show show goal is to find two interesting facts about the guests.  Then the pairs will switch roles and repeat the activity.  Bring the group back together and have each talk show host introduce their guest with the two interesting facts.

Name tags whether company designed or a simple white tag with stick provides much needed assistance when trying to remember teammates and new connections names.  We are going to be securing permanent name tags for our leaders at the new company.  I plan on wearing mine throughout the halls to allow folks to get to know me and not be afraid to say hi if they don’t remember my name.  The name tag will be in place for networking, training and presentations I attend as well as conferences.  It is a simple way to be remembered.  Great branding for your company to the outside world as your logo will continue to be seen.  Remember to wear your name tag on the right hand side so when you give a firm handshake (that’s for another day!) you will turn your body slightly and have your tag easy to be seen and read.

Is it time to step out of your comfort zone and be the first to make an introduction when networking or simply starting to work at a new organization? Be intentional this year to be friendly and professional when breaking the ice and introducing yourself in a group or someone one-on-one.  Build your team in 2016 by starting meetings with a fun and friendly icebreaker.  As your team laughs and learns more about it each other the more you will see your team and organizations goals achieved.  Wear your name tag both inside and outside your organization so others can get to know you.

The Great Adventure – Networking

DSC_0149Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to share with local students a really short and spirited presentation on networking.  My talk covered what is networking, how does one do it and then a quick easy code word so the students could implement the talk during a career fair.

To begin, Networking what is it?  According to the Google dictionary Networking is the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically: the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.

How does one do it?  When at an event, start with existing connections (it will be less scary). Locate who you want to talk to, and have a short elevator pitch ready if necessary (the art of small talk is king here to get the conversation rolling)!!  Remember networking is about focusing on the person you are talking to its not about YOU!  Listen to learn how you may be of service to the person you are connecting with.  If you feel a connection has been made ask for their business card and then remember to follow up.

My code word for the day was B-E-S-T!

B – Breathe, easier said then done.  When you breathe it relaxes you internally and allows you to think clearly.  Remember the number 7.  Breath in for a 7 count, hold for a 7 count and breathe out for a 7 count.  repeat once or twice.  When we get tense, we have a tendency to freeze up.  Walking around an event remember to breath and ask yourself am I breathing.

E-Engage, a big key at networking events is to actually meet people and not hang along the wall or as one of my friend’s shared, “I would just take one spin through a room see no one I know and leave.”  You have a unique opportunity every time you attend a networking event.  I’d like you to think of it as an adventure.  Engage at them it doesn’t hurt and it will definitely build your character.  In my direct sales days we called it stepping out of your “comfort zone”.  Set your thoughts on positive encounters.

S-Smile, remember (this is not to scare you) but you have only minutes, even seconds for someone to have a first impression of you.  So greet everyone you meet with a smile, firm handshake and look them in the eye.  Positive energy is a state of mind.  Remember if you are more upbeat its easier to create a positive aura about you versus folks who are more low key or not as excitable.

T-Trust, trust yourself, you know yourself better than anyone else.  Do your BEST to let the world see your positive attributes and why they need you!! Ask open ended questions. LISTEN, do not interrupt or be thinking of something else to say.  Be more interested then interesting.  Follow up with those company you liked best within 48 hours.  I like handwritten notes these days since no one seems to do them.

During my talk we whipped through the above points in 15 minutes it was fast and furious.  So in recapping our code word for the day B-E-S-T.  Breathe, Engage, Smile, Trust!

Overall, before any networking event remember to set your intention for the day?  What do you want to accomplish during the networking time? If we set intentions you are more likely to follow through during the event and afterwards.

Remember to do your B-E-S-T today and always!

Distracted by Life

It’s almost the end of February and I’m thinking what!!  How did I get moving only to find out the direction I wanted to go in 2014 had gotten sidetracked.  Life I tell you!  Everyday almost ordinary life blocked my vision of my goals and desires.

Starting this year I was excited to get my business/personal development coaching venture off the ground. During the holiday break that my company offers I sat down and wrote down my personal goals and created a plan of action and then forgot to move forward.  On top of that through a crazy series of actions I started moving in a direction that I thought would benefit my coaching business and found myself spending more time on it then my business.

Distractions I tell you.  It is so easy to get off course on our life plans.  That is way writing down your goals for both your personal and professional life is critical to help you maintain your plan of action. Thank goodness I came to my senses about 10 days ago.  Reviewed my plan and said wait I need to turnaround.

I’ve been reading the book, “The Magic of Thinking BIG” by David J Schwartz, PH.D. and am thankful I have been.  This classic book from the late 50’s is full of great wisdom to encourage anyone who desires to acquire the secrets of success…achieve everything you’ve always wanted! Or so the cover claims!

I’ve been encouraged not to be so hard on myself because of distractions.  Rather as the chapter on goals shares: The important thing is not where you were or where you are but where you want to get.

I’m glad to say I’m back on track.  Today, I spent an afternoon brainstorming my promotion plan, reset my goals, wrote of list of marketing materials I may need plus social media ideas and how would I best conduct my business.  After that I wrote down the names of folks who know I’ve started my coaching business and those who I need to share the news with!

Now is the magic word of success.  Tomorrow, next week, later, sometime, someday often are synonyms for never.  Today, I’m feeling focused and took a big step in turning back to my dream.  I am happy to report I decided to say, “I”ll start now, right now.”

Holiday Networking Good Advice For Now and Beyond!

It’s that time of the year when more parties and After 5 events can make you sweat or make you smile with glee at the opportunity to meet old and new business friends.  When business networking it is good to have a plan of action for the evening when attending the many business functions over  the next weeks and into the New Year!

Here is a short summary of tips that I put together.  Happy networking, smile, relax, and have a good time connecting:

When you arrive at your event avoid gravitating to the people you know.  Say hi to those in charge and then find someone new to introduce yourself to.  This will help keep you in the right frame of mind as to why you came.  Also, survey the room and check out the high-traffic areas such as the main entrance, the bar, or near the food.

Stop selling and start listening!  When you meet someone for the first time, use it as an opportunity to get to know them.  Don’t sell them anything.  Rather, begin to establish a relationship.  My experience has been I ask lots of questions to strangers and then have them walk away with out  ever finding out anything about me.  It makes me chuckle since I believe that in itself is a key indicator of your true potential to connect with someone.

Keep your business cards handy so they are easy to access and in good condition.  Wear your name tag on the right side so when you shake hands your name tag is visible to view.  Yes, wear a name tag not everyone knows who you are or who you represent.  When you receive a card take time to write a note to yourself, especially where you met the person.  If you do it while chatting with the person it will convey a sense of personal connection.

During the course of your conversation, use the other person’s name two or three times.  People love to hear their own name and it will help you remember their name when the discussion is over.  If you have a good memory congrats.  If you don’t start by telling yourself I am great with names, I am great with names and practice, practice, practice remembering people’s names!!

After your new connection has shared something with you, ask them another question about what they just said.  This alerts the person that you really are paying attention to them.

I love this one – initiate conversation with someone who is standing by themselves.  As a high “I” on the DISC scale this is something I do on a regular basis.  The person will be happy to have someone to talk to them and as a result will many times open up with valuable information.  I have found that others tend to gravitate over and soon there is a crowd.  As a way of demonstrating your networking skills, introduce each new person you meet to at least one other person.

Follow up is the key to a successful networking night.  Statistics say, “When you meet someone for the first time, you have just 48 hours to follow up with them before they will completely forget about meeting you.”  Having your notes on the their business card helps to personal the follow up.

A Holiday networking event and for that matter any networking event is not a time to see how many business cards you can acquire.  Rather, it is a time to develop a few relationships that may have potential to blossom for both parties who made a connection.


Networking Online Give It A Go

In today’s world social media and new technology is appearing on the horizon faster then we can keep up.  Jumping into the mix may help build your home based business in new avenues you had not thought about.

I’ve attended a number of seminars on the business site LinkedIn.  Every time I’ve walk away with a tip or two to build my business both home based and in the nonprofit world.  Special thanks to Wayne Breitbarth for even writing a fast paced nonsense book, “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success”, a great tool to help you with your profile.

What exactly is online networking? I guess the technical definition is the process of using Web-based tools to connect with people for the purpose of reaching your business and career goals and of course help others to reach their goals and dreams as well.  When venturing into the online networking scene you will find that you are allowed to start and join in on conversations in a variety of groups.

The interesting difference between traditional networking and online networking is it never turns off.  How exciting a 24 hour tool that can move you closer to your goals and dreams.  In addition, the reach you have available to network spans the U.S and event the world.  One day while my husband was on his site my pen pal from Finland’s name was on the screen as people you may know.

Despite technology seeming to be taking over the world building relationships is still the key to success (I believe) in achieving business growth and your personal goals.  It’s about getting to know people to exchange ideas and information, pass along leads and contacts and probably most important to support one another.  As with all networking the key is to think in terms of mutually beneficial relationships that develop over time. 

From my experience it will take time to develop your contacts be choosy and connect with folks you think you may be able to assist and that have partner potential for your business or personal goals.  It is truly about quality versus quantity when building your online networking.  Give it a go you have a great opportunity to gain new friendships and partnerships.  Jump in and test the waters.

Holiday Starts Equals Success With Basics

It is that time of the year when many folks realize they may need some extra cash for the Christmas Season.  Perhaps it is to have a debt-free Christmas, or one is motivated to payoff credit cards and loans.  As the year ends one can decide to tie up loose ends.  It is also that time of the year when many people decide to try a home based business to earn the extra cash they need versus working retail.

I’d like to share some tips that may assist you in having a successful Holiday business.  Whether you have been in business 15 days, 15 months or 15 years we all can use a review of business basics.  We will explore business habits/practices, attitude and sprinkle in tips for good communication throughout this plan.

A home business fact: “We are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves.” 

Good sponsors and leaders will be there to assist you in growing your Holiday business.  In looking at business habits let’s turn our attention to ethics.  How are yours’?  I tried to find a good definition in the dictionary but the descriptions didn’t do the word justice. However, we all know what ethics are.

What about WORK?  For those just starting be aware of work.  Those of us seasoned folks in a home based business know we have choices, to work, or to procrastinate!  What can you do to strengthen your work ethic?

As a home based business owner you need to BE PREPARED.  A good habit to get into is to create your Action List for each work day is at the end of the day you have completed.  Research shows that overnight as you sleep your brain is processing the list so in the morning ideas and plans of action will seem to just pop in your head during the day.

Second, create a good work environment.  Basic items like a desk, telephone, computer are essentials today.  (Gone is the fax and copy machine.)  Extras may include a file cabinet, shelves for supplies and training materials.  Make your work environment clean and uncluttered.

Third, if you have not done so already have a separate phone line for your business.  No matter what stage you in for the business you need a business line.  Maybe its your cell phone and the message let’s callers know they have reached you and the business line for….  People will take you more serious and know you mean business when this line is in place. 

Maintain a professional, short, yet enticing messages on your answering machine or cell phone message.  No kids greeting your customers on the messages. 

I love the voicemail tool that allows you to be talk in the line and another call may go straight to voicemail.  When I started many years ago that was not an option.  Most important when you work time is done.  Turn off the ringer and go and enjoy life.

Fourth, set office hours for yourself.  Review your life schedule and decide when it makes the most sense to work your business.  Then stick to the time frame you have allotted for your business.  Communicate with family and friends when you have your office hours. If you are interrupted you are able to gently remind them you are on “work time”, unless of course there is an emergency. 

Being flexible but not so flexible is key.  You do not want to flex yourself out of business.  During your office time concentrate on your Action List. 

Have time scheduled for each task and stick to it.  Remember as you are making appointments and booking shows to have your calendar highlighted with the days you have open to work outside the home.  After your allotted work time.  Do any paperwork or prep-work right away.

Fifth, in being prepared as a business owner-remember your dreams.  They hold the key to your success.  Establishing goals for your business is great, achieving the goals is even better.  I love goal setting and have been successful throughout my career by having goals.  

Create a specific action plan for your Holiday business.  What do want to earn next week and then the next week and the next week?  This will build to monthly, quarterly and then yearly goals if you decide having a home based business is for you.  You get to decide how many appointments or shows you wish to hold.  This will help you create your Action List for each work time. 

Write down your goals, create a vision board, share with your sponsore, leader, family and friends.  Let everyone know what you are hoping to accomplish with this business.  Request that key people hold you accountable, however, keep in mind:

 “You are responsible for your own business success.”

In the words of Zig Ziglar: Discipline yourself to do the things you need to do when you need to do them, and the day will come when you will be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them!”

Moving on always check your attitude.  Have a mind set to succeed.  Maintaining positive thoughts, staying motivated and proactive will fuel your business success.  You will find this positive state of mind boosts your confidence and self-esteem.  People will be attracted to you when your aura is sending out positives vibes.  People are craving positive connections in today’s world.  When you choose to go to work do it with an attitude that expects results.  Create positive affirmations or statements to carry around or post in your work space.  Fill your mind and soul with positive tapes, cd’s dvd’s music, books etc.

Finally, be a great communicator.  Many, many items contribute to becoming a terrific communicator here’s a list that I’ve created:

  • Be open
  • Watch your body language
  • Make conversations a 2-way street
  • Learn to ask open ended questions
  • Learn to ask YES question. 
  • Follow up and Follow through with all your activities. 
  • Do what you say you are going to do.

Prepare phone scripts when you are making calls for your business.  As a leader it is important to create or use coaching scripts provided by your company.

Overall, when communicating with others use good grammar, avoid slang and blue humor.  Be professional, avoid gossip, if you have a complaint go up to your leader.  When you have praise and compliments share with everyone.  Your reputation is your greatest commodity. 

How you present yourself, what you say and how you say it effects everyone in the business.  When you act in a professional manner people will take you serious and your success will soar.  Customers will want to be a part of your business.  Potential sponsors will see a sharp, fun and energized business owner and want to be a part your team.

In closing, what makes us successful business owners at any time of the year?  Our work habits.  Strong work ethic, discipline and consistent work time will build your business.  In life choose to have a positive, proactive, I expect great results everyday type of attitude.  Package your professional image in becoming a great business communicator.   You can go the distance and know leadership is waiting for you.

Flip Your Host

839688_37735670Flip Your Host!  What is this about?  For those of you in direct sales who have a home party format now is a great time to share your opportunity.   With our economy’s landscape changing daily WHY NOT offer your host a chance of a lifetime.  Today I will share a few tips to “flip your host.”

As with most everything you do your attitude toward sharing your business opportunity will play into you remembering and offering with a willing heart.  Lots of folks just want to keep all the business for themselves.  Yet in offering an opportunity like ours you gain so much.  Believe you have something great to offer.  Always keep in mind your host is a top prospect for your team.  Number #1 reason they already love your products.

For planning I’ve broken the goal into three parts: Pre-Show, During the Show and Closing the Show.


To begin, Pre-Show, Getting the information out to your host starts with simply sharing any literature, DVD, CD-ROM or directing them to your website under the “Opportunities” button.  Seed planting as I call it begins in a very nonchalant way.  For those of us who issue a host packet for the show it is very easy to slip the material in the packet.

In addition, during host coaching it is important to follow up and ask, “Did you get a chance to review the material about our consultant opportunity?”  If yes, ask what they thought?,What interested them the most?, the least?  Having conversation will plant more seeds.

Secondly, at the show, with permission from your host, share that you will to ask around for her and see how the audience reacts to the of the host getting started.  During the show drop seeds regarding the benefits for the host or anyone to start a business.  Some examples include; flexible work schedule, discount on products, extra income and even incentive trips!  At the end of the demonstration or throughout the demo encourage everyone to fill out the door prize slip.  There are specific questions on it in regards to the host starting a business.

Finally, as you close the show pull out your Opportunity comparison chart. (Most home party plan companies have one)  This chart shows the host the options available as a host of the show and as a consultant of the show.  Share the door prize slips that show friends, family and co-workers will help her/him  get started.  As you know the host will be tuned into WIIFM, What’s in it for ME!!  Again share three reasons why your company would be great for them.

In closing , be sure to ask for the “sale”.  So, what do you think?, Is there anything stopping you from trying it?  Be sure to answer all questions, move forward and have materials ready for that YES!

Keeping It Insight

1221075_floral_skyscrapersIf you’ve ever tried to plow a field you know this to be true: If you don’t look at a fixed point on the horizon, your rows will meander all over the field.  The same holds true I have found in your life.  Without keeping sight of a specific goal you are likely to wander off course.

I’m sure this is not the first time you have read, “You need goals if you want to be successful in life.” 

Most people have heard this advice yet less than 5% of the population sets goals.  I know I can go in streaks where year upon year I’m on track with personal and professional goals written down on paper and then I fall by the wayside, get lazy and so forth.  And its amazing what happens in my life.

Today I’d like to share three reasons WHY folks may not set goals.

First, it’s hard work. It requires time and soul searching.

Second, fear of failure, if you don’t set goals, you can’t fail, yet you can’t succeed either.  Give yourself permission to fail.  In failure we find how to be successful. 

Third, fear of success.  Some people don’t value themselves enough to feel they deserve success.  Others don’t set goals because they are unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve their goals.  Everyone has the potential to be whatever they want to be, but what must happen first is that you DECIDE you want to be!

When working on your goal development here are some pointers:

  • Goals need to be an extension of your values.
  • Your goals need to be specific.
  • Your goals need to be written down.
  • Set challenging yet realistic goals for yourself.
  • Have a visual to keep you focused.  Take time to visualize the goal achieved.
  • Reward yourself as you attain steps in the journey to your goal achievement.

Believe in yourself.  Keep your eye on site with your goals.  Set your plans to paper then take action and remember it’s okay to fail, however it’s also okay to succeed!

Get Time on Your Side

1102389_59174004HATS   by Amy Grant/Chris Eaton

The sun comes up, the breakfast show’s on…can’t you see me running.  It’s crazy don’t you know.  The moon is high, I’m working through the night.  Will somebody tell me where do all the hours go.  Well it don’t stop, No, it’s never gone stop.  Why do I have to wear so many things on my head?  HATS

I’ve got family, I’ve got a home-based business, I’ve got a job and I’ve got ME.

Whew! Can you feel the stress, the craziness. We wear lots of HATS on our head.   To prepare and write this talk I had to set time aside.  At lunch three days before the event  I finally prepared and wrote this presentation.

Thanks to Bill Brooks, author, of  High Impact Selling, I’ve been able to put together a simple yet informative plan to help you get time on your side.  I will be sharing information on Where Time Goes, Check Your Habits, Apply Techniques and Think Positive.

As individuals we have certain times each day that offer greater opportunities than any other time during the day-we will call this your prime time.  Prime time may consist of time spent before prospects it is the time you share what you have to offer from your organization, small business or home based business.


Most of us manage our money wisely, set budgets, stay disciplined.  Or for diet and weight we monitor what we eat and we excerise.  If we didn’t we could go broke or have serious health problems.  Unfortunately, when we work either a home based business or a  job position many times we fail to stay disciplined, focused and complete the tasks at hand.

The most pressing questions about our business activities is not, “What are we doing? but “Why are we doing it?”  You can work hard all day everyday and still not get much real work done.  The questions would then be not “How hard do you work?” but “What do you work at doing?”

With most companies they have systems in place that help you define what needs to get done.  To be a successful individual set your focus on your goals and not on your activities.  If you constantly feel rushed, short on time, odds are good you need to stop and check out your personal time management habits and practices.  Spend 80% of your energy on the 20% that is most important and gains you and your organization the most benefit.


Keep a detailed time log for a definite period of time (2 weeks).  Then carefully analyze it to see what you do with your time.  Rate activities to prioritize them by importance.  The log can be done simply by writing down what you do each quarter hour or so of time you are logging.   Be careful not to change your regular routines to get a more accurate picture.


In addition, to your log keep a list of time wasting activities you notice as you  log your time.  Each time you catch yourself while working in a time wasting situation write the amount of time you did activity.  What are time wasters?  Procrastination, unnecessary distractions/interruptions, excessive socializing, shuffling papers or day dreaming (not always a waste).


Make planning a way of life.  Decide what you want to do.  Put yourself on a schedule.  Consider it a road map to guide your day.  Get your whole life organized, work to unclutter your home, business and personal life.  Practice decisiveness make decisions and then move on them.  This may sound very restrictive but planning fun time is a real part your time plan.  Working in blocks of time and playing in blocks of time helps maintain your sanity.


Concentrate on results not activities.  Be the best you can be during your prime time.  Use time saving devices: answering machines, voicemail, PC, email etc.  Develop time awareness.  Learn to use tidbits of your time productively.  Keep your priorities straight with short to-do lists.  Most important enjoy your free time and be guilt free when you take time for you.  When talking with yourself (yes, I know we do it) come from the positive angle.  Put what needs to be done in a positive statement. 

In closing, I will recommend some type of Daily Focus Sheet.  I personally have found it helps me to use my prime time more effectively and efficiently.  When I sway from using it I can get very distracted.  Remember you wear lots of HATS on your head.  Focus to use your prime time to put 80% of your energy into your top 20% of business activities.  Check your time habits and time wasting activities.  Learn to apply time management techniques and most important do it all with a positive attitude.

Successful Booking Calls

One of my favorite things to do in direct sales is make phone calls.  I love to do them, most days, because it forms the base of my show calendar.  Before you shut down I have one simple question, “What are your Dreams?”  Dreams are the driver to your success, that success drive spills into making phone calls..In today’s world high touch is in demand. 

We will look at Preparation, Action and Follow-Up.

To begin, Preparation how to stay on track is key to your phone calling success.  Have a tracking system in front of you before you begin.  It can be as simple as Name, phone, comment column.  If you are super prepared you may already have your contact names, phone numbers and email addresses ready to go.  Next to each name it is a good idea to put down a reason WHY they need your service.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself ‘I don’t know who to call?’

Consider the following ticklers:

  • Anyone who would book because its a New Season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Hosts who held a show last year at this same time.
  • Guests who attended shows three months prior.
  • Anyone who said, “Maybe later”, guess what its later.
  • Anyone who ever held a show for you.

Secondly, you will want to prepare a script or two depending on the variety of specials you have to offer.  Some keys for your script always ask the customer if they have a quick minute to talk before you plunge in.  I’m so excited…,  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive…, I only have a few Bonus days left, I wanted to make sure I called you so you could take advantage…, and the dates I have are always giving the sooner date last of the two choices.  Before calling look into a mirror and smile.  Play positive upbeat music or just march in place.  You are going after your dreams one phone call at a time.

Now is the time to just do it! Take Action, be natural, be excited, think positive results.  Most important the work on the phone you do today will plant seeds for the future.  Set a time limit for your calling and stick to it.  When the time is up, pat yourself on the back, smile and say “I DID IT”.

The final step in a successful phone call is Follow-Up!  Without this action there is usually no sale, no booking , no opportunity.  During your calling process you will have activities such as someone booked, folks said send me info, call me later or you left a message.  Take time to get organized after each phone session.  Prepare any mail packets, put the maybe later people on your list with phone numbers and when to call back.  Remember you was not home and consider when another call can be made to their work or home and at what time.

Successful Phone Calling will happen for you when you believe it will. Remember to:

  •  Be prepared.
  •  Create your lists in advance.
  •  Write a script.
  •  Take action.
  • Most important follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.
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