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Quantum Leap to Success

The following is a plan I designed after reading an article in Selling Power Magazine entitled ‘Take a Quantum Sales Leap.’

Unknown to me after reading the article and sharing the concept I actually took the Quantum Leap for myself.  Here’s my story as it relates to my business. As we move along I will share my results and let you know how the leap has continued to propel me forward.  So dream big because the possibilities are here for you.

When we look at superachievers those who have made it to the top it seems easy to see why they are so successful.   They appear powerful, well-respected, intelligent and often adored by many.  What’s easy to forgot is most started with a dream and very little else.  To help you achieve any lofty sales or sponsoring goal we will aim higher then necessary.

To begin, I like to look things up and got the definition of Quantum, it said quantity or amount; smallest amount of radiant energy, Radiant beaming, brillancy:splendor.  Not sure how that fits but here we go.

Now I will be honest my plan may make many of you uncomfortable please read me through with an open heart and mind.  Take time to absorb the information and consider the benefits to your business if you go for it.

Five Step Plan that can help you implement quantum leap thinking that will take you a giant step closer to your dreams and goals.

First, multiply your minimum sales goal by 10 to figure your quantum leap goals.  For example $1800 was Bonus for us at the time I implemented this. Times 10 made it $18,000 for one month of sales.  WOW that would be huge.    I decided to set a goal of $10,000 in sales. My show calendar was in great shape after a Summer of doing major phone calling and seed planting .  The month ended I held 14 shows with sales of $5,100. (pooh!) While attending a Leadership seminar a gal who know I was taking the leap asked me how I did.  Her response, Wow you did 51% of your goal.  I had forgotten that over the past three months I had barely sold $1,800.  The momentum carried into the next month where I sold $9,200 and going into December of that year I sold $5,400.  It took me until October of 2007 when I achieved my goal 10 years after I set it to break $10,000 in sales.  It was a wonderful feeling.

Second, forget your old goals and focus on your new ones.  To give yourself the best chance to succeed at your quantum goals; you must see it not as the goals you want or hope to meet, but as the goals you have to meet.  In your office space set-up new vision posters with your quantum goals.  Stay focused for your success.

Third, conduct a brainstorming session with yourself.  Set an appointment to spend several hours thinking about what you will need to do differently to reach your quantum goals.  One idea – tap into your subconscious by asking yourself, “What can I do to make a quantum leap?” before you go to sleep.  In the morning jot down any ideas that pop into your mind.

Fourth, tailor your ideas to your purpose.  Determine which ideas will be best suited for your sales or sponsoring goals.  Ask yourself what makes each idea potentially profitable and achievable to your dreams.

Fifth, select and implement the brightest ideas.  Create an action plan (yes, write down the goals for yourself) with the selected ideas; how, when, where will you put them into action.  Take time to dream how they will enhance your business.

After the ideas are in action compare your projections with the actual results.  If its working keep going, if its not stop-analyze-readjust and keep going. 

As you achieve your goals don’t rest on your laurels, resist the urge to coast when your hard work and sacrifice pay off.  It’s harder to hold on to success than to attain it, so each time you reach your quantum goals set new ones.  Success is closest when it seems farthest away.  Stay creative as you out your brightest ideas into action.

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