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photoDo you want to have more success? (might mean having less) Do you desire to feel more fulfilled? Have keener insights on your own happiness? Is it time for you to step off the pavement and unto the path that leads you to new insights about your goals and dreams? If you answered, YES to any of these questions, then it may be time to meet and discover if LIFE COACHING is for you!

Hello, I welcome the opportunity to journey with you and assist you in the discovery of your life. Together we will be guided by “Dream. Decide. Do.”, a unique way to help you grow personally or professionally as you desire. My goal will be to serve as a coach for you as you build the life you wish; that allows you to move toward achievement with balance, positive self-esteem, energy to believe and experience life the way you were meant to!!

As an entrepreneur for over 21 years, I believe YOU can discover or create your personal and professional dreams and goals timeline to serve YOU as a guide for your life.  No dreams, no goals where are you going? Who is in charge if you are not?

My promise to you can be summed up in my personal mission statement:

“I seek to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals by discovering and supporting their dreams both grand and ordinary. I offer my time and talents to support them in achieving their highest potential in personal, family and professional enrichment. My mission has expanded to make a positive impact on nonprofit agencies to assist them in realizing their goals and dreams both grand and ordinary.”

Nonprofit executive board of directors, leaders of nonprofits, special event committee members, and volunteer managers: Need a fresh perspective on your agency and its impact in the community? Let me design a plan that will work for your team. My passion to serve has led me to the nonprofit industry, the third largest industry in America after retail and manufacturing. How can your team capture more resources in today’s competitive nonprofit field? With more than 10 years volunteering and working in the nonprofit industry, let me guide your team to generate new ideas, resources, donors and volunteers.

Say “YES” to Coaching! and let’s move to What’s Possible!

Sign up for a complimentary 45-minute strategy session! It is designed to help you understand your current status, what you really want, and guide you to the next steps in pursuit of your goals or dreams. While that’s a lot to accomplish in 45 minutes, keep in mind we will focus on one specific item or area.

Contact me at to learn more about me and my services.

Why BE Coached?

Do you desire to experience more success in your life?  Do you desire to have keener insights on yourself and your teammates?  Is it time to take charge of your career, your goals, your achievements?  If you answered YES! to any of these questions you may be ready to be coached!

Coaching has the power to change your life.  Ultimately, coaching is forward-looking and action-oriented.  It provides us with the focus necessary to take our dreams and make them realities.

My goal as your coach will be to come alongside you to help you find your focus, values and really listen to what you are saying.  The best part will be your self-discovery as you uncover the great plans that are in store for you.  Your life will be enriched by understanding your wisdom and the knowledge that you hold to make your goals and dreams come true.  It is hard work but worth the journey to truly discover the person you were destined to be!

Three simple questions will get the process rolling.  Where are you?  Where do you want to go?  How will you get there?

The answers will shape  your journey which may be very fuzzy in the beginning, but somewhere within in your soul you know there is something out there for you!  Coaching provides a way to clarify the ideas and move forward creating points of reference on your journey.

We hear it a lot,  “life is a journey not a destination.”  However, life gets in the way and obstacles may trip us up and take us off course.  Coaching will help improve your vision of where you are going.  Together we will put together a strategy and personal action plan for positive and proactive change.

It is an exciting time for you.  I welcome the opportunity to journey with you on your quest for positive personal or professional growth.  It may be a combination of both but we will not know until we start the steps of your self-discovery!


A Great Article on Happiness

Thank you to Eric Barker of Barking Up the Wrong Tree blogsite.

Great reasons for you to join me in The Happiness Journey starting next month here in Waukesha County.  Contact me today for book club information.  A fun, four week course to learn about yourself, your self-esteem, your goals and dreams…and more…

Creating Essence – How will follow for you

Building FoundationAs I mentioned in a previous post.  I am on my way to a life coach certification.  In doing so I have been exploring the essence of what I’d like my coaching world to look like and how I want to serve.

It is important in this early stage of the game to dream and not worry about the how to’s.   My first stab at a coaching philosophy and what I would like clients to know follows.  I’ve created a personal mission statement to act as a guide to serve:

“I seek to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals by discovering and supporting their dreams, both grand and ordinary.  I offer my time and talents to support them in achieving their highest potential in personal, family and professional enrichment.”

Having a faith-based nature, I know for me to function in this world, I have to put my trust in a higher power.  God has been leading me on my journey and I am choosing to help others find their path.  Spiritual trust and the acknowledgement of God is important for me to be able to serve others.

As an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I have developed a strong belief in creating personal and professional  dreams and goals.  Then by creating a plan and taking action, one moves forward toward those dreams and goals coming true. My experience has taught  me about personal development, new business development , leading small and large groups, and presenting information in a manner that helps others to be successful in their own journeys.

I will use my motto of “Dream, Decide, Do” to help others grow personally and professionally as they desire.  In order for those I serve to build the life they wish that allows them to move toward achievement with balance, positive self-esteem, energy to believe and experience life the way they were meant to.

I am currently enrolled in the Wisdom of Life- Life Coach certification program and will be “official” in May.  My 20 years as a leader in the direct sales has allowed me to practice the art of coaching as I’ve worked with individuals who have achieved personal and professional goals through their business with my assistant.

My personal journey is a great view of how I have implemented my philosophy of Dream, Decide, Do.  I am happily married for over 23 years and know that teamwork, communication and the willingness to serve have made it a success.


Life Coach the Next Adventure

As 2013 begins I find myself heading into new adventures for myself.  After thinking about becoming a life coach for many years I’ve decide the timing is right to move forward with that plan.

In January, I began my journey toward a life coaching certification.  I am happy to share I’m enrolled in “The Wisdom of Life” Life Coach Certification program lead by Patty Jackson.  The opportunity to be in a face to face class is what I enjoy most about it.  My top recommendation at this time is to read the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.

As the year plays out I will be sunsetting my PartyLite business so I may concentrate on serving others through my life coaching business.  No name yet but I’m considering BE-Believe & Experience.  Time will tell, any thoughts from you reading this is welcome.

It’s May 2013 – I’m thinking about BE Coaching Services.  I have two taglines in the works.  Still gellin’ as the commerical says.

In addition, I’ll be sharing a great study on the science of happiness in later posts.  Right now my husband and I are taking the course that is set up similar to a book club.  I would love to integrate this information into my coaching to help teach others about our brain and its desire to help us survive versus wanting us to be happy!


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