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Make the most of It

1113691_99864344As entrepreneurs we all want success for ourselves and our team members (if your in a business like mine).  There is so much potential and possibilities waiting for you.  I’m excited to share some ways for you to make the most of your business especially as we head into Summer and have the Fall selling season on the horizon.  I will look at education, faith and attitude/vision in setting the tone for this talk.

We begin with Education.  Many have been quoted as saying knowledge is power.  I say knowledge without action leaves us wondering and wandering.  As a business entrepreneur where do you go to seek advice, learn new techniques and skills?  What are you doing to develop yourself?  We spend lots of time at training and networking events yet many business owners actually show up without business cards, calendars, notepads, pens and other tools.  Our memories are not what we think they are. 

 Memory retention is about 10% of what we hear, 24% of what we see and 55% when we see and take notes.

So take lots of  notes at all your trainings, review them nightly before you go to sleep and  highlight what action you wish to take the following day.

Additional training and development comes from constant learning.  What is the latest book or audio tape you’ve listened to for self development?  Have you read biographies on famous sports figures, politicians or women of influence?  When did you last attend a local business networking event, sign up for a seminar or workshop that can round out your person.  And I don’t mean your shape!  Seek the knowledge you crave.  You are responsible for your education.  Remember to implement for success.

The second area I’d like to explore is Faith

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11 verse 1.  

I have found in reading books and listening to many trainers over the years that most successful people have a faith foundation.  They understand we were born with a purpose.  Identifying, acknowledging and honoring that purpose is the most important action successful people do.  Take time to discover your purpose.  To make the most of your professional or personal life we need to know our purpose.  Your faith will triumph over any struggles you have. 

When times are tough look to Romans 5 verses 3-5 “…We also glory in tribulations and struggles, knowing that struggles produce perseverance, and perseverance character and character HOPE!  Hope does not disappoint us.” 

 Dig deep find your faith foundation in yourself, your team, your family and your business.

And finally Attitude and Vision.  Attitude is the backbone of our lives.  Decide what you want and then go for it.  Today is the day you take 100% responsibility for your life.  Stop blaming and complaining.  Choose the positive route avoid the lemon-heads in life. 

Jim Rohn, business philosopher states, ” You must take personal responsibility.  You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons or the wind, but, you can change yourself.”

If you venture into Jack Canfield’s book, “The Success Principles“, be advised the book is based on lesson number one that there is only one person responsible for the quality of the life you live.  That person is YOU.

What freedom there is in taking responsibility.  No more the victim you are taking charge.  As a business owner you set  your Daily Focus for the day, you decide to make the phone calls, and network at business events.  You decide to hold shows and share your opportunities.  That is powerful.

To increase your focus and stay on purpose you must DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT.  Another important theme in the “Success Principles” is showing us how to get from where we are to where we want to be. 

 To accomplish this we need to know two things:   Where you are and Where you want to get to. 

There are seven areas outlined in the book to create a balanced life, work/career, finances, free time/recreation, health & fitness, relationships, personal goals ans contribution to the larger community.

By setting goals for different areas of your life you start a process in your brain.  As we write down the goals and review them daily the brain thinks we have accomplished them and will work night and day to make them a reality.  Work from the principle you are already there.

In closing, today is the first day toward your journey to success in life.  Remember as entreprenurs we need to seek out educational opportunities, we need to be teachable, coachable and willing to work on our self-development.  Have faith, faith is the foundation upon which we build our life.  You can’t see it, but you can feel it.  Finally, have Vision, Decide What You Want and maintain a healthy attitude.  One of CAN DO, I take 100% responsiblity for my life.  You can achieve, BELIEVE.

Direct Sales A Good Fit

1164832_coins_1Now more then ever we need to realize that working in a home based business can open doors for you that you never expected.  In preparing this material the more I researched the more excited I got about the possibilities for myself and others.

I love John Kalench’s book, ‘The Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World.’  He shares that one of the keys to success in direct sales is loving your product.  Successful consultants love their products and in my case the company’s programs are so awesome you just have to share and recommend our opportunities.  Back in the early 90’s network marketing/direct sales was the wave of the future.  Well guess what…the future is now!

Fortune magazine calls direct selling-“the best kept secret in the business world.” 

 Network marketing of which I am a part is truly the largest segment of direct sales.  What does network mean?

  • We build relationships with people
  • We build repore with people
  • We develop trust with people

So when we share our products and programs we can have conversation. 

 Many consultants join business networking groups to build their business.  During  daily activities we network, the bank, the grocery store, nail/hair appointments we are in conversation and sharing what we do.  It is something that happens naturally when you are excited and proud of the products you represent.

Remember what Fortune magazine said, “best kept secret”.  Now is not the time to keep secrets.  People are in want and need of what we have to offer.  Start sharing the opportunity for financial security and freedom.  Folks need that now more then ever.  When people are motivated by concern for their financial future, sponsoring and sharing what we have to offer becomes easier.  Today, people are searching for hope and security for their families.

In 2006, U.S. retail sales through direct sales was approximately 32 billion dollars.  Worldwide sales topped $109 billion dollars.  That is a lot of product moving through building relationships.

While reviewing, ‘Lifestyle Magazine’ it was quoted, “home-based businesses continue to be one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy.”  Additionally, in the article, Paul Zane Pilzer, author, “The Next Millionaires”, was quoted, “In today’s world, working for yourself or a small company is actually the safer route and working for a large corporation has become a riskier proposition.”

Business in direct selling is booming and has few if any risks.  There are no employees, no payroll, no storefront rent and no fixed territories.  With my company I love we do not have an investment, to start simply hold on party and earn a FREE kit, plus we do not keep inventory or make deliveries.

If you want more reasons when you listen to David Bach’s CD, ‘Start Smart Finish Rich’ interview he has developed 5 Principles from his book the ‘Automatic Millionaire’.   

 The fifth principle is “Do you have control over your income?”  If you work in corporate America most raises are based on duration not performance.  As David analyzed today’s Americans his research coincided with Parade Magazine’s April 13, 2008 edition, “What is your biggest financial concern?”  Respondents replied the price of fuel, saving for retirement, the cost of health insurance, mortgage payments and sending children to college.

In addition, the survey asked, “What have you had to sacrifice?”  Respondents replied Vacation plans, dining out, home improvements, going to the movies, designer clothes and jewelry.  All of David’s research led him to write, ‘Start Late, Finish Rich’, a book that has devoted an entire chapter to Direct Sales.  During his CD interview he states, “A direct selling business is the way to go to grow your income.”

In today’s economy most of us need to earn more money, how exciting to discover that if you are already in network marketing/direct sales you are in the right place to grow your income.  Living rich is the key to living well.  Money tends to be a short term motivator, but our values, goals and dreams are what we truly believe in and will motivate and inspire us for the long term.

Consider again why or why not have you chosen to be in direct sales. 

 As I wrap this up remember if you are choosing direct sales loving your product is a key to success.  Fortune magazine reminds us direct selling is the best kept secret in the business world and LifeStyle magazine shares home based businesses continue to be one of the fastes growing segments of our economy.   Do your homework learn more about owning a home business.  Direct sales may just be what you are looking for hope, freedom, and financial security.  It’s all about relationships.

Getting Started

I’m excited to share that I will be getting rolling after the Easter Season.  We are getting ready to purchase a new computer.  One with a screen big enough for me to view all my works.

Why Share my thoughts.

This blog opportunity will be my way to give back to everyone who has ever offered me inspiration, training or great ideas to build my business.  I want to pay it forward if you have happened upon this site.  Welcome.  You have landed in the positive zone.  My goal is to provide support in a positive environment so you can succeed.

Currently, I continue to be an entrepreneur in the direct sales field.  Recently I completed a certification in Nonprofit Management.  And for fun I’ve started my retirement job 20 years early working at a golf course part-time.

My focus for now is to share my experience and expertise if I do say so myself to delve into topics that may assist you in improving your skills and talents for your current career or future or most important for your life.

If you see any typos I apologize in advance since the words vanish behind my too small screen.  I’ll fix it when the new computer arrives.

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