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Creating Essence – How will follow for you

Building FoundationAs I mentioned in a previous post.  I am on my way to a life coach certification.  In doing so I have been exploring the essence of what I’d like my coaching world to look like and how I want to serve.

It is important in this early stage of the game to dream and not worry about the how to’s.   My first stab at a coaching philosophy and what I would like clients to know follows.  I’ve created a personal mission statement to act as a guide to serve:

“I seek to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals by discovering and supporting their dreams, both grand and ordinary.  I offer my time and talents to support them in achieving their highest potential in personal, family and professional enrichment.”

Having a faith-based nature, I know for me to function in this world, I have to put my trust in a higher power.  God has been leading me on my journey and I am choosing to help others find their path.  Spiritual trust and the acknowledgement of God is important for me to be able to serve others.

As an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I have developed a strong belief in creating personal and professional  dreams and goals.  Then by creating a plan and taking action, one moves forward toward those dreams and goals coming true. My experience has taught  me about personal development, new business development , leading small and large groups, and presenting information in a manner that helps others to be successful in their own journeys.

I will use my motto of “Dream, Decide, Do” to help others grow personally and professionally as they desire.  In order for those I serve to build the life they wish that allows them to move toward achievement with balance, positive self-esteem, energy to believe and experience life the way they were meant to.

I am currently enrolled in the Wisdom of Life- Life Coach certification program and will be “official” in May.  My 20 years as a leader in the direct sales has allowed me to practice the art of coaching as I’ve worked with individuals who have achieved personal and professional goals through their business with my assistant.

My personal journey is a great view of how I have implemented my philosophy of Dream, Decide, Do.  I am happily married for over 23 years and know that teamwork, communication and the willingness to serve have made it a success.


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