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Flip Your Host

839688_37735670Flip Your Host!  What is this about?  For those of you in direct sales who have a home party format now is a great time to share your opportunity.   With our economy’s landscape changing daily WHY NOT offer your host a chance of a lifetime.  Today I will share a few tips to “flip your host.”

As with most everything you do your attitude toward sharing your business opportunity will play into you remembering and offering with a willing heart.  Lots of folks just want to keep all the business for themselves.  Yet in offering an opportunity like ours you gain so much.  Believe you have something great to offer.  Always keep in mind your host is a top prospect for your team.  Number #1 reason they already love your products.

For planning I’ve broken the goal into three parts: Pre-Show, During the Show and Closing the Show.


To begin, Pre-Show, Getting the information out to your host starts with simply sharing any literature, DVD, CD-ROM or directing them to your website under the “Opportunities” button.  Seed planting as I call it begins in a very nonchalant way.  For those of us who issue a host packet for the show it is very easy to slip the material in the packet.

In addition, during host coaching it is important to follow up and ask, “Did you get a chance to review the material about our consultant opportunity?”  If yes, ask what they thought?,What interested them the most?, the least?  Having conversation will plant more seeds.

Secondly, at the show, with permission from your host, share that you will to ask around for her and see how the audience reacts to the of the host getting started.  During the show drop seeds regarding the benefits for the host or anyone to start a business.  Some examples include; flexible work schedule, discount on products, extra income and even incentive trips!  At the end of the demonstration or throughout the demo encourage everyone to fill out the door prize slip.  There are specific questions on it in regards to the host starting a business.

Finally, as you close the show pull out your Opportunity comparison chart. (Most home party plan companies have one)  This chart shows the host the options available as a host of the show and as a consultant of the show.  Share the door prize slips that show friends, family and co-workers will help her/him  get started.  As you know the host will be tuned into WIIFM, What’s in it for ME!!  Again share three reasons why your company would be great for them.

In closing , be sure to ask for the “sale”.  So, what do you think?, Is there anything stopping you from trying it?  Be sure to answer all questions, move forward and have materials ready for that YES!

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