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Getting Started

I’m excited to share that I will be getting rolling after the Easter Season.  We are getting ready to purchase a new computer.  One with a screen big enough for me to view all my works.

Why Share my thoughts.

This blog opportunity will be my way to give back to everyone who has ever offered me inspiration, training or great ideas to build my business.  I want to pay it forward if you have happened upon this site.  Welcome.  You have landed in the positive zone.  My goal is to provide support in a positive environment so you can succeed.

Currently, I continue to be an entrepreneur in the direct sales field.  Recently I completed a certification in Nonprofit Management.  And for fun I’ve started my retirement job 20 years early working at a golf course part-time.

My focus for now is to share my experience and expertise if I do say so myself to delve into topics that may assist you in improving your skills and talents for your current career or future or most important for your life.

If you see any typos I apologize in advance since the words vanish behind my too small screen.  I’ll fix it when the new computer arrives.

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