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Creating Essence – How will follow for you

Building FoundationAs I mentioned in a previous post.  I am on my way to a life coach certification.  In doing so I have been exploring the essence of what I’d like my coaching world to look like and how I want to serve.

It is important in this early stage of the game to dream and not worry about the how to’s.   My first stab at a coaching philosophy and what I would like clients to know follows.  I’ve created a personal mission statement to act as a guide to serve:

“I seek to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals by discovering and supporting their dreams, both grand and ordinary.  I offer my time and talents to support them in achieving their highest potential in personal, family and professional enrichment.”

Having a faith-based nature, I know for me to function in this world, I have to put my trust in a higher power.  God has been leading me on my journey and I am choosing to help others find their path.  Spiritual trust and the acknowledgement of God is important for me to be able to serve others.

As an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I have developed a strong belief in creating personal and professional  dreams and goals.  Then by creating a plan and taking action, one moves forward toward those dreams and goals coming true. My experience has taught  me about personal development, new business development , leading small and large groups, and presenting information in a manner that helps others to be successful in their own journeys.

I will use my motto of “Dream, Decide, Do” to help others grow personally and professionally as they desire.  In order for those I serve to build the life they wish that allows them to move toward achievement with balance, positive self-esteem, energy to believe and experience life the way they were meant to.

I am currently enrolled in the Wisdom of Life- Life Coach certification program and will be “official” in May.  My 20 years as a leader in the direct sales has allowed me to practice the art of coaching as I’ve worked with individuals who have achieved personal and professional goals through their business with my assistant.

My personal journey is a great view of how I have implemented my philosophy of Dream, Decide, Do.  I am happily married for over 23 years and know that teamwork, communication and the willingness to serve have made it a success.


Life Coach the Next Adventure

As 2013 begins I find myself heading into new adventures for myself.  After thinking about becoming a life coach for many years I’ve decide the timing is right to move forward with that plan.

In January, I began my journey toward a life coaching certification.  I am happy to share I’m enrolled in “The Wisdom of Life” Life Coach Certification program lead by Patty Jackson.  The opportunity to be in a face to face class is what I enjoy most about it.  My top recommendation at this time is to read the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.

As the year plays out I will be sunsetting my PartyLite business so I may concentrate on serving others through my life coaching business.  No name yet but I’m considering BE-Believe & Experience.  Time will tell, any thoughts from you reading this is welcome.

It’s May 2013 – I’m thinking about BE Coaching Services.  I have two taglines in the works.  Still gellin’ as the commerical says.

In addition, I’ll be sharing a great study on the science of happiness in later posts.  Right now my husband and I are taking the course that is set up similar to a book club.  I would love to integrate this information into my coaching to help teach others about our brain and its desire to help us survive versus wanting us to be happy!


Networking Online Give It A Go

In today’s world social media and new technology is appearing on the horizon faster then we can keep up.  Jumping into the mix may help build your home based business in new avenues you had not thought about.

I’ve attended a number of seminars on the business site LinkedIn.  Every time I’ve walk away with a tip or two to build my business both home based and in the nonprofit world.  Special thanks to Wayne Breitbarth for even writing a fast paced nonsense book, “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success”, a great tool to help you with your profile.

What exactly is online networking? I guess the technical definition is the process of using Web-based tools to connect with people for the purpose of reaching your business and career goals and of course help others to reach their goals and dreams as well.  When venturing into the online networking scene you will find that you are allowed to start and join in on conversations in a variety of groups.

The interesting difference between traditional networking and online networking is it never turns off.  How exciting a 24 hour tool that can move you closer to your goals and dreams.  In addition, the reach you have available to network spans the U.S and event the world.  One day while my husband was on his site my pen pal from Finland’s name was on the screen as people you may know.

Despite technology seeming to be taking over the world building relationships is still the key to success (I believe) in achieving business growth and your personal goals.  It’s about getting to know people to exchange ideas and information, pass along leads and contacts and probably most important to support one another.  As with all networking the key is to think in terms of mutually beneficial relationships that develop over time. 

From my experience it will take time to develop your contacts be choosy and connect with folks you think you may be able to assist and that have partner potential for your business or personal goals.  It is truly about quality versus quantity when building your online networking.  Give it a go you have a great opportunity to gain new friendships and partnerships.  Jump in and test the waters.

Relationships are Key to Growth

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve sent a word or two out regarding building your business and building success for yourself.

During the Summer of 2009 I received the opportunity to join the nonprofit world and take over as the Director of Development and Marketing for Interfaith Senior Programs in Waukesha County.  The experience has been fantastic.  I realized I have the tools and skills to move forward in this new venture.  But most important I am willing to learn new skill sets, and new information to build our agency.

Relationships if you want to be successful anywhere in life it is about building relationships, connecting with people from all walks and life and being genuinely interested in what they do.  Amazing when I looked in the dictionary the key words listed under relate; establish relation between, connection between things, kindred and a word I don’t know consanguinity.

Taking ownership where you work or your own business focuses you on building relationships with others.  I attended a very interesting networking training at the beginning of the year.  The speaker shared that when attending a networking event it is not what you can get that matters, but what you can give.  Talk about seeing networking in a whole new light.

“Meet ‘n Greet” weekly to learn more about a new connection or rekindle an old connection. How can you give to others will in the long run return to you in some shape or form. 

Who can you build relationship with today?

Spring Fever Now’s the Time!!

With Spring in the air now is the time to get rolling with your home based business.  We are constantly being bombarded with negative news but for the most part I believe each individual is responsible for their business, workplace attitude and effort put into their daily living.

If you have been in business or are considering starting a business perhaps a home based one is the place to start.  You will want to create a business plan of action, establish goals, develop a customer strategy-Consider how you will attract business.  Whether you have been in 1 week, 10 weeks or over a year your attitude and how you will go after what you want is key.  Be ready to have many, many people tell you this can’t be done.  If you believe in your heart and soul a part-time or full-time business in direct sales is for you then give it a go!

Find your passion.  What do you really, really  like to do?   Find a company through the Direct Selling Association.  Do your research.  Ask questions before you sign on the dotted line. With most companies once you are in; if you do not like the folks you joined on with you may have to stop and sit out for 1 or more years.  Choice wisely.

Workplace attitude. Truly enjoy what I’ve been doing for over 16 years.  This past Summer I choose to go into the world of nonprofit and still maintain a solid home based business.  The key is my workplace attitude.  When I arrive home from a busy day in the nonprofit world I mentally gear up for about a 30-40 minute work session with my home based business 3-5 days a week.  The goal is to cover the basics contacting customers for bookings, sales and the opportunity to start a business.  Email and telephone calls are my lifeline.  Yes, I’m making more calls and sending more emails then ever before.  It is a new world and working is the key.

Making an effort to touch my business daily is a success tip that I work to live by.  When I’m out during the day I’ve got business cards, catalogs and flyers.  I’m always ready to ask people how life is going.  If, I can be of service remember me.  Lots and lots of seed planting is happening.  Letting people know what you do will help you in the word of mouth advertising department.  Join social media sites and share tips and pointers.  Let folks know when events are happening.  Making an effort daily is a habit, a good habit that takes practice.

Now’s the time.  It’s Spring time for a new attitude, new connections, renewal for yourself and those you care about.  You can make a difference believe in yourself.


Welcome to 2010!!  Have you purchased your new calendar, created your new goals and thought about your dreams for the upcoming year?  Are you thinking you want to explode in your home-bases business?  How will you do this?

Now’s the time to invite others to join you on your journey in a home based business.  Just this weekend our local Sunday newspaper’s business section hosts The Wall Street Journal Sunday.  In an article by Colleen DeBaise, she writes, So maybe 2010 will be the year that you finally break out on your own. Voluntarily or not.  She goes on write about 52% of all small businesses are home-based, representing a variety of industries.

The great reason many folks give a direct sale home-based business a try is that you can keep your current job and start part-time working nights and weekends.  In our culture joining with a friend is a true key to success.

We have a saying YOU PLUS WHO?  So when asking others to join think in pairs.  Simply say, “Who do you know may want similar benefits from this direct sales opportunity?”

As a leader, I share with our team members when you join; ‘You are in Business for Yourself but not by Yourself.’  When first starting out we will maintain contact by phone and email.  Weekly business calls are a must for those new to the business and those seeking to move into leadership.

Attending show observations is another great way to see if the home-based business you are looking at is a good fit.  For consultants, our number one rule, “Don’t go alone to a show.”  Use the time in the car to train, go over what will take place at the show on the way home talk about what happened.

Once you are in a home based business attend training, special events and non-work related events.  Get to know your team members.  YOU PLUS WHO becomes a powerful success tool for you to grow your business and reach your goals and dreams in 2010 and beyond.

90 Days Update

Just a note to those of you who may be reading this site.  In August, I posted a note regarding my team’s attendance at National Conference and their plan to go for Leadership in 90 days.

We created our plan, set the action steps and then took action.  Well most of them did.  We did not make the goal of a new region on December 1, but, we had one gal promote out to Unit Leader.  The energy her team has right now is the momentum we are looking for to inspire the next leader and the next.

After watching the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness.”  The message is clear: Your commitment will be the driving force for whatever you choose to do.  Your willingness to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes is up to you.

It’s that time of year when I check in with my team and ask three big questions:

  • Have you decided to own and operate a home based business in 2010?
  • Have you made the commitment to yourself to run it the best way possible for you to be successful?
  • Have you decided what success will look like for you?

We will be meeting this week to review 2010 and where they wish to go.  Remember you all have the right to pursue happiness.  Looking forward to what the next 90 days will bring.

Holiday Starts Equals Success With Basics

It is that time of the year when many folks realize they may need some extra cash for the Christmas Season.  Perhaps it is to have a debt-free Christmas, or one is motivated to payoff credit cards and loans.  As the year ends one can decide to tie up loose ends.  It is also that time of the year when many people decide to try a home based business to earn the extra cash they need versus working retail.

I’d like to share some tips that may assist you in having a successful Holiday business.  Whether you have been in business 15 days, 15 months or 15 years we all can use a review of business basics.  We will explore business habits/practices, attitude and sprinkle in tips for good communication throughout this plan.

A home business fact: “We are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves.” 

Good sponsors and leaders will be there to assist you in growing your Holiday business.  In looking at business habits let’s turn our attention to ethics.  How are yours’?  I tried to find a good definition in the dictionary but the descriptions didn’t do the word justice. However, we all know what ethics are.

What about WORK?  For those just starting be aware of work.  Those of us seasoned folks in a home based business know we have choices, to work, or to procrastinate!  What can you do to strengthen your work ethic?

As a home based business owner you need to BE PREPARED.  A good habit to get into is to create your Action List for each work day is at the end of the day you have completed.  Research shows that overnight as you sleep your brain is processing the list so in the morning ideas and plans of action will seem to just pop in your head during the day.

Second, create a good work environment.  Basic items like a desk, telephone, computer are essentials today.  (Gone is the fax and copy machine.)  Extras may include a file cabinet, shelves for supplies and training materials.  Make your work environment clean and uncluttered.

Third, if you have not done so already have a separate phone line for your business.  No matter what stage you in for the business you need a business line.  Maybe its your cell phone and the message let’s callers know they have reached you and the business line for….  People will take you more serious and know you mean business when this line is in place. 

Maintain a professional, short, yet enticing messages on your answering machine or cell phone message.  No kids greeting your customers on the messages. 

I love the voicemail tool that allows you to be talk in the line and another call may go straight to voicemail.  When I started many years ago that was not an option.  Most important when you work time is done.  Turn off the ringer and go and enjoy life.

Fourth, set office hours for yourself.  Review your life schedule and decide when it makes the most sense to work your business.  Then stick to the time frame you have allotted for your business.  Communicate with family and friends when you have your office hours. If you are interrupted you are able to gently remind them you are on “work time”, unless of course there is an emergency. 

Being flexible but not so flexible is key.  You do not want to flex yourself out of business.  During your office time concentrate on your Action List. 

Have time scheduled for each task and stick to it.  Remember as you are making appointments and booking shows to have your calendar highlighted with the days you have open to work outside the home.  After your allotted work time.  Do any paperwork or prep-work right away.

Fifth, in being prepared as a business owner-remember your dreams.  They hold the key to your success.  Establishing goals for your business is great, achieving the goals is even better.  I love goal setting and have been successful throughout my career by having goals.  

Create a specific action plan for your Holiday business.  What do want to earn next week and then the next week and the next week?  This will build to monthly, quarterly and then yearly goals if you decide having a home based business is for you.  You get to decide how many appointments or shows you wish to hold.  This will help you create your Action List for each work time. 

Write down your goals, create a vision board, share with your sponsore, leader, family and friends.  Let everyone know what you are hoping to accomplish with this business.  Request that key people hold you accountable, however, keep in mind:

 “You are responsible for your own business success.”

In the words of Zig Ziglar: Discipline yourself to do the things you need to do when you need to do them, and the day will come when you will be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them!”

Moving on always check your attitude.  Have a mind set to succeed.  Maintaining positive thoughts, staying motivated and proactive will fuel your business success.  You will find this positive state of mind boosts your confidence and self-esteem.  People will be attracted to you when your aura is sending out positives vibes.  People are craving positive connections in today’s world.  When you choose to go to work do it with an attitude that expects results.  Create positive affirmations or statements to carry around or post in your work space.  Fill your mind and soul with positive tapes, cd’s dvd’s music, books etc.

Finally, be a great communicator.  Many, many items contribute to becoming a terrific communicator here’s a list that I’ve created:

  • Be open
  • Watch your body language
  • Make conversations a 2-way street
  • Learn to ask open ended questions
  • Learn to ask YES question. 
  • Follow up and Follow through with all your activities. 
  • Do what you say you are going to do.

Prepare phone scripts when you are making calls for your business.  As a leader it is important to create or use coaching scripts provided by your company.

Overall, when communicating with others use good grammar, avoid slang and blue humor.  Be professional, avoid gossip, if you have a complaint go up to your leader.  When you have praise and compliments share with everyone.  Your reputation is your greatest commodity. 

How you present yourself, what you say and how you say it effects everyone in the business.  When you act in a professional manner people will take you serious and your success will soar.  Customers will want to be a part of your business.  Potential sponsors will see a sharp, fun and energized business owner and want to be a part your team.

In closing, what makes us successful business owners at any time of the year?  Our work habits.  Strong work ethic, discipline and consistent work time will build your business.  In life choose to have a positive, proactive, I expect great results everyday type of attitude.  Package your professional image in becoming a great business communicator.   You can go the distance and know leadership is waiting for you.

Flip Your Host

839688_37735670Flip Your Host!  What is this about?  For those of you in direct sales who have a home party format now is a great time to share your opportunity.   With our economy’s landscape changing daily WHY NOT offer your host a chance of a lifetime.  Today I will share a few tips to “flip your host.”

As with most everything you do your attitude toward sharing your business opportunity will play into you remembering and offering with a willing heart.  Lots of folks just want to keep all the business for themselves.  Yet in offering an opportunity like ours you gain so much.  Believe you have something great to offer.  Always keep in mind your host is a top prospect for your team.  Number #1 reason they already love your products.

For planning I’ve broken the goal into three parts: Pre-Show, During the Show and Closing the Show.


To begin, Pre-Show, Getting the information out to your host starts with simply sharing any literature, DVD, CD-ROM or directing them to your website under the “Opportunities” button.  Seed planting as I call it begins in a very nonchalant way.  For those of us who issue a host packet for the show it is very easy to slip the material in the packet.

In addition, during host coaching it is important to follow up and ask, “Did you get a chance to review the material about our consultant opportunity?”  If yes, ask what they thought?,What interested them the most?, the least?  Having conversation will plant more seeds.

Secondly, at the show, with permission from your host, share that you will to ask around for her and see how the audience reacts to the of the host getting started.  During the show drop seeds regarding the benefits for the host or anyone to start a business.  Some examples include; flexible work schedule, discount on products, extra income and even incentive trips!  At the end of the demonstration or throughout the demo encourage everyone to fill out the door prize slip.  There are specific questions on it in regards to the host starting a business.

Finally, as you close the show pull out your Opportunity comparison chart. (Most home party plan companies have one)  This chart shows the host the options available as a host of the show and as a consultant of the show.  Share the door prize slips that show friends, family and co-workers will help her/him  get started.  As you know the host will be tuned into WIIFM, What’s in it for ME!!  Again share three reasons why your company would be great for them.

In closing , be sure to ask for the “sale”.  So, what do you think?, Is there anything stopping you from trying it?  Be sure to answer all questions, move forward and have materials ready for that YES!

Keeping It Insight

1221075_floral_skyscrapersIf you’ve ever tried to plow a field you know this to be true: If you don’t look at a fixed point on the horizon, your rows will meander all over the field.  The same holds true I have found in your life.  Without keeping sight of a specific goal you are likely to wander off course.

I’m sure this is not the first time you have read, “You need goals if you want to be successful in life.” 

Most people have heard this advice yet less than 5% of the population sets goals.  I know I can go in streaks where year upon year I’m on track with personal and professional goals written down on paper and then I fall by the wayside, get lazy and so forth.  And its amazing what happens in my life.

Today I’d like to share three reasons WHY folks may not set goals.

First, it’s hard work. It requires time and soul searching.

Second, fear of failure, if you don’t set goals, you can’t fail, yet you can’t succeed either.  Give yourself permission to fail.  In failure we find how to be successful. 

Third, fear of success.  Some people don’t value themselves enough to feel they deserve success.  Others don’t set goals because they are unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve their goals.  Everyone has the potential to be whatever they want to be, but what must happen first is that you DECIDE you want to be!

When working on your goal development here are some pointers:

  • Goals need to be an extension of your values.
  • Your goals need to be specific.
  • Your goals need to be written down.
  • Set challenging yet realistic goals for yourself.
  • Have a visual to keep you focused.  Take time to visualize the goal achieved.
  • Reward yourself as you attain steps in the journey to your goal achievement.

Believe in yourself.  Keep your eye on site with your goals.  Set your plans to paper then take action and remember it’s okay to fail, however it’s also okay to succeed!

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