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90 days

1143635_calendar_deskLast month I attended the company sponsored National Conference.  The theme of the event was to make a change within 90 days.  The message was great. The benefits for those who leap on board can be fabulous.  The key element to making the change Leadership.

Being a good leader can be hit or miss.  I try to do the best job I can but many times feel like no one is following.  I’ve heard that the speed of the pack is determined by the leader.  Yet, after review of key leaders on our team I don’t see it.  A number of leaders have bonused (sold a required amount by the company) every month for years and years.  Yet their team is nowhere in sight.

Leaders and leaders to be the message is clear inspire people to move forward.  Mentor them, bring out the best in them.  Have a vision as a leader that will compel the team to come along.  So here’s what I know:

A Leader Needs Vision, and Must Act On It

John Maxwell is quoted, “Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less.”

While at National Conference I asked the team where do you want to be in 90 days.  Of the 9 team members who were there over half said I want to be a leader.  Together we held an on site Unit Workshop on Friday afternoon.  At that time team members were asked to share how they were feeling.  What do you see as obstacles to your 90 day goal.  FEAR was the big-gee.  Fear getting to Leadership and then not being able to handle it.  Fear that people would not join them on this great journey. 

We held a mini-obstacle busting brainstorm.  All were encouraged to create a plan for their personal business and to set goals for their sales and lead generation.  Were they pumped?  I’m not sure but off they went to an evening seminar with the crazy title, “YOU University”

The transformation that took place was amazing.  On Saturday morning when I meet the team.  I wasn’t sure if it was the same folks I left the day before.  Their eyes were sparkling, smiles were wide and the best thing I heard was the presenter had been great.  He shared and said the same things you did at our mini-workshop.  Praise God!

It turns out Rafael O’Farrill had sparked the team to achieve their dream of Unit Leader in 90 days or less. He focused the group on the following premise:

I choose the thought that creates the attitude,which generates the action that produces a certain result.  STOP! Ask Yourself Is what I’m thinking (saying) -A fact or an opinion?, -Conducive to where I want to go? – In line with what I really want to be, do or have?

The team is still on a roll.  For security I sent the President of our company a note sharing the team’s excitement.  We’ve held a couple of events for lead generation and bookings.  One on one phone calls and emails are moving back forth among the team.  The next big step a few of them are trying is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in an attempt to change their thinking and move forward to achieve their goal of leadership and beyond.

The team achieves their goals my dream of bringing them together again as a region will be realized.  Best of luck to all of you who say in 90 days. . .

Get Time on Your Side

1102389_59174004HATS   by Amy Grant/Chris Eaton

The sun comes up, the breakfast show’s on…can’t you see me running.  It’s crazy don’t you know.  The moon is high, I’m working through the night.  Will somebody tell me where do all the hours go.  Well it don’t stop, No, it’s never gone stop.  Why do I have to wear so many things on my head?  HATS

I’ve got family, I’ve got a home-based business, I’ve got a job and I’ve got ME.

Whew! Can you feel the stress, the craziness. We wear lots of HATS on our head.   To prepare and write this talk I had to set time aside.  At lunch three days before the event  I finally prepared and wrote this presentation.

Thanks to Bill Brooks, author, of  High Impact Selling, I’ve been able to put together a simple yet informative plan to help you get time on your side.  I will be sharing information on Where Time Goes, Check Your Habits, Apply Techniques and Think Positive.

As individuals we have certain times each day that offer greater opportunities than any other time during the day-we will call this your prime time.  Prime time may consist of time spent before prospects it is the time you share what you have to offer from your organization, small business or home based business.


Most of us manage our money wisely, set budgets, stay disciplined.  Or for diet and weight we monitor what we eat and we excerise.  If we didn’t we could go broke or have serious health problems.  Unfortunately, when we work either a home based business or a  job position many times we fail to stay disciplined, focused and complete the tasks at hand.

The most pressing questions about our business activities is not, “What are we doing? but “Why are we doing it?”  You can work hard all day everyday and still not get much real work done.  The questions would then be not “How hard do you work?” but “What do you work at doing?”

With most companies they have systems in place that help you define what needs to get done.  To be a successful individual set your focus on your goals and not on your activities.  If you constantly feel rushed, short on time, odds are good you need to stop and check out your personal time management habits and practices.  Spend 80% of your energy on the 20% that is most important and gains you and your organization the most benefit.


Keep a detailed time log for a definite period of time (2 weeks).  Then carefully analyze it to see what you do with your time.  Rate activities to prioritize them by importance.  The log can be done simply by writing down what you do each quarter hour or so of time you are logging.   Be careful not to change your regular routines to get a more accurate picture.


In addition, to your log keep a list of time wasting activities you notice as you  log your time.  Each time you catch yourself while working in a time wasting situation write the amount of time you did activity.  What are time wasters?  Procrastination, unnecessary distractions/interruptions, excessive socializing, shuffling papers or day dreaming (not always a waste).


Make planning a way of life.  Decide what you want to do.  Put yourself on a schedule.  Consider it a road map to guide your day.  Get your whole life organized, work to unclutter your home, business and personal life.  Practice decisiveness make decisions and then move on them.  This may sound very restrictive but planning fun time is a real part your time plan.  Working in blocks of time and playing in blocks of time helps maintain your sanity.


Concentrate on results not activities.  Be the best you can be during your prime time.  Use time saving devices: answering machines, voicemail, PC, email etc.  Develop time awareness.  Learn to use tidbits of your time productively.  Keep your priorities straight with short to-do lists.  Most important enjoy your free time and be guilt free when you take time for you.  When talking with yourself (yes, I know we do it) come from the positive angle.  Put what needs to be done in a positive statement. 

In closing, I will recommend some type of Daily Focus Sheet.  I personally have found it helps me to use my prime time more effectively and efficiently.  When I sway from using it I can get very distracted.  Remember you wear lots of HATS on your head.  Focus to use your prime time to put 80% of your energy into your top 20% of business activities.  Check your time habits and time wasting activities.  Learn to apply time management techniques and most important do it all with a positive attitude.

Make the most of It

1113691_99864344As entrepreneurs we all want success for ourselves and our team members (if your in a business like mine).  There is so much potential and possibilities waiting for you.  I’m excited to share some ways for you to make the most of your business especially as we head into Summer and have the Fall selling season on the horizon.  I will look at education, faith and attitude/vision in setting the tone for this talk.

We begin with Education.  Many have been quoted as saying knowledge is power.  I say knowledge without action leaves us wondering and wandering.  As a business entrepreneur where do you go to seek advice, learn new techniques and skills?  What are you doing to develop yourself?  We spend lots of time at training and networking events yet many business owners actually show up without business cards, calendars, notepads, pens and other tools.  Our memories are not what we think they are. 

 Memory retention is about 10% of what we hear, 24% of what we see and 55% when we see and take notes.

So take lots of  notes at all your trainings, review them nightly before you go to sleep and  highlight what action you wish to take the following day.

Additional training and development comes from constant learning.  What is the latest book or audio tape you’ve listened to for self development?  Have you read biographies on famous sports figures, politicians or women of influence?  When did you last attend a local business networking event, sign up for a seminar or workshop that can round out your person.  And I don’t mean your shape!  Seek the knowledge you crave.  You are responsible for your education.  Remember to implement for success.

The second area I’d like to explore is Faith

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11 verse 1.  

I have found in reading books and listening to many trainers over the years that most successful people have a faith foundation.  They understand we were born with a purpose.  Identifying, acknowledging and honoring that purpose is the most important action successful people do.  Take time to discover your purpose.  To make the most of your professional or personal life we need to know our purpose.  Your faith will triumph over any struggles you have. 

When times are tough look to Romans 5 verses 3-5 “…We also glory in tribulations and struggles, knowing that struggles produce perseverance, and perseverance character and character HOPE!  Hope does not disappoint us.” 

 Dig deep find your faith foundation in yourself, your team, your family and your business.

And finally Attitude and Vision.  Attitude is the backbone of our lives.  Decide what you want and then go for it.  Today is the day you take 100% responsibility for your life.  Stop blaming and complaining.  Choose the positive route avoid the lemon-heads in life. 

Jim Rohn, business philosopher states, ” You must take personal responsibility.  You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons or the wind, but, you can change yourself.”

If you venture into Jack Canfield’s book, “The Success Principles“, be advised the book is based on lesson number one that there is only one person responsible for the quality of the life you live.  That person is YOU.

What freedom there is in taking responsibility.  No more the victim you are taking charge.  As a business owner you set  your Daily Focus for the day, you decide to make the phone calls, and network at business events.  You decide to hold shows and share your opportunities.  That is powerful.

To increase your focus and stay on purpose you must DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT.  Another important theme in the “Success Principles” is showing us how to get from where we are to where we want to be. 

 To accomplish this we need to know two things:   Where you are and Where you want to get to. 

There are seven areas outlined in the book to create a balanced life, work/career, finances, free time/recreation, health & fitness, relationships, personal goals ans contribution to the larger community.

By setting goals for different areas of your life you start a process in your brain.  As we write down the goals and review them daily the brain thinks we have accomplished them and will work night and day to make them a reality.  Work from the principle you are already there.

In closing, today is the first day toward your journey to success in life.  Remember as entreprenurs we need to seek out educational opportunities, we need to be teachable, coachable and willing to work on our self-development.  Have faith, faith is the foundation upon which we build our life.  You can’t see it, but you can feel it.  Finally, have Vision, Decide What You Want and maintain a healthy attitude.  One of CAN DO, I take 100% responsiblity for my life.  You can achieve, BELIEVE.

Stay the Course this Summer

1011544_66883133Everybody wants to be succesful, but not everybody will find their way to success.  You determine your success not anyone else.  What happens as you begin your Summer journey toward your goals and dreams?  As a small business owner we must have focus and drive.  What do we want to create from the Summer for Fall? 

 Setting the course and staying on it is what it takes to achieve our goals.

During the Summer many people shut down.  Hey the weather is soooo nice.  Festivals abound and distractions seem everywhere.  Your desire to maintain a strong personal business throughout the Summer that balances sales, lead generations and starting others in their own business is essential.

How will you achieve these goals?  My plan today shares three tips to move you forward.  Daily contact with customers, the action of going out and meeting others in my case through shows, and setting achieveable short term and long term goals will guide us through the Summer.

To begin, have designated time set aside for telephone calls and emails creating the foundation of your business.  It is a necessary tool to have a daily action plan.  As the world grows more complex there are more chances for us to get lost in thought, non business related activities and Summer daydreaming.  In order to pursue success, we need to be aware of the impulses that lead us off our course.  Stay tuned in to your daily action plan do the most important work first.

Second, meeting others through shows, sales calls and networking are building blocks of your success.  In my small business going out and doing demonstrations and sharing product information is my action arena.  This is where I get sales, share the opportunity for others to host and most important share our business opportunity.  New business associates are welcome to come along to train.  Prepare in advance for your sales opportunity, take action and watch out for distractions.  The intention of the world sometimes diverts us from building a path to success and fulfilling our dreams.

Finally,setting achievable goals both short term and long term are truly keys to success.  With my small business, our corporate office helps guide our goals.  How much sales do we need monthly to bonus?, Lead generation how many folks do we want to share with monthly, how many shows do we want to do a week?  Simple but they keep one on track.

Heavyweight Boxing Champion George Foreman was quoted during an interview, “Success begins with a decision.”

When you set the course, you’ll stay the course and say no to all distractions, detours and time wasting activities.  As a result , you can clearly focus on reaching your long term destination.  It is the decision to be successful that helps you develop an internal guidance system that keeps you moving forward.  Are you staying the course?  Now is the time to achieve your Summer dreams.

The Captain of Me                               by Michelle Sweeney

The captain of me is me.  The captain of you is you.  Nobody will tell me who to be or make me do what I shouldn’t do.  No one would push me around, Or push me upon the ground.  I’d stand up and be who I am, Not Jane, Peter nor Pam.  Everyone’s the captain of themselves, it feels good inside.  And if you succeed with the things I’ve said, You know that you’ve surely tried.

Vision does it move you?

1087341_above_cloudsMany years ago I decided to start my own home based business.  I started back in 1993 after a very transitional year.  My husband and I purchased our first house/home and I lost my brother in an accident all in the same day.  We were working  jobs we truly enjoyed but our combined income was about $30,000.  We really probably should not have purchased the home but you know how it is when the bank says okay sometimes you just do it.  We started dipping into our savings which was not a comfortable feeling for two savers. . .

My adventure in direct sales started in November of 1993 at a home show. 

I was not one to attend these types of events but a gal on the volleyball team asked and my friend and I said yes we would come.  The consultant arrived late, the house was packed with guests and I just watched this wild evening unfold.  On the way home my friend and I discussed how far the consultant had travelled, watch what she did and still marveled at all the people in attendance.

 I did the unthinkable I booked a show for December with my thoughts on starting a business and paying my mortgage down.

When I began there was minimal action in our area.  Our region training was provided in the Chicagoland area and I travelled 2 1/2 hours each way.  It was there I discovered our state had no Regional Vic Presidents.  Within six months I wrote a plan, set goals for leadership and began my quest to be the first RVP in our state.  I shared with everyone I met, those who joined our unit and my hosts and guests the we were in the process of creating a region in the state. 

To move everyone and myself I created a Vision Poster.

 It was simply a map of state of Wisconsin cut out and pasted to a flip chart size piece of paper.  Clouds were cut out of white paper and pasted on the map.  When you promoted out your name and unit went on a cloud.  Goals were set for shows to be held monthly, guest attendance, show sales and most important sponsoring leads.  How many people could we talk to and how fast could we get others excited to join us.  A leadership sheet was created with names pencilled in and promote out dates listed.  I set the date for April 1 or May 1 of 1996.  I am proud to say our leaders and consultants saw the vision and ran with it.  We did it.  On May 1, 1996 the On Wicks-consin region was born.

We held a celebration in May that included a Company Vice President, IL Regional Vice President’s and many consultants,  leaders and support people.  My leader and RVP Kay Higbie shared at the celebration, “Barb set her plan, stayed focus but most important she did the work to make it happen.”

Following are a few tips for creating your own vision to go after what you desire.


To begin, you will need to picture your success.  Do you see yourself as a self-starter able to work on your own and with a team?  Do you see yourself earning $40,000, $60,000 or even $100,000 a year? Or perhaps you desire to hold 6 shows every 30 days and bonus.  If you see your picture you’ve taken a big step toward making your vision a reality. The fact is the images that you carry around about yourself play an important role in your future and your level of success.  DREAM BIG, SET GOALS and TAKE ACTION.


Probably the most important element in my book is your attitude.  We hear it over and over again a positive attitude, an attitude of a winner will create super results.  We all recognize (or maybe not) that our outlook on life will effect our success.  To overcome rejection, the economy and the occasional hostile customer it’s important to remember how you handled these situations is largely determined by your inner attitude.  It’s 90% attitude and 10% skill. To stay the course make motivational/inspirational training a part of your daily life.  Read books, listen to upbeat music, check out motivational short stories, quotes, videos and movies.  SEEK INSPIRATION DAILY.


The best is yet to come, but to find it you have to look where you are going.  As we’ve heard you become what you think about.  So instead of dwelling on the past, develop a strong positive picture/vision of now and the future.  Start thinking of yourself not as you were or even as you are but as you want to be.  So decide what are you dreams.  What written plans have you created for your personal and professional life?  When the going gets tough it’s always easier to give in than to keep going. 

 As the saying goes, “Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit”

Through a strong vision of success, a determination to stay positive and a focus to seek the best you will achieve your dreams.  Promise yourself today that you will begin to visualize success and set written goals for yourself.  Recognize your attitude will lead you to a positive present and future for you and your family.

Leader’s Be a Great Consultant

leadershipsqTo prepare for a leadership talk way back when I actually went to the very first notebook of organized training and discovered the roots of my business.  Here is what I shared with those on our leader team.

Simple Formula

  • Book Shows
  • Meet People
  • Book shows
  • Book Shows
  • Share Opportunity and Sponsor
  • Book Shows
  • Book Shows
  • Train Sponsors
  • Book Shows
  • (repeat process)

Now what does this really mean for a leader and her business.  A leader as I know it is nothing more, or less, then a great consultant.  Personal business is the key to success in any direct sales business.  The secret in my specific company is to hold 2-3 live shows a week.  My goal to overbook in case of reschedules and cancellations.  What that really happens?

Making a committment to a Daily Focus/Power Hour Calls, call it what you want, but a committment to actual phonework, email and perhaps even social media these days is essential for personal business and inspiring your team to action for themselves.

Setting Sponsoring goals 2 monthly, 6 quarterly are key components in my field.  Lead generation is one way to remind myself about always sharing the opportunity.  Be prepared with literature, your product, notebook and pen to get names for follow up.  This has been one area where my discipline is lacking.  I know follow up is your bread and butter.

Attitude is going to be key to your success.  A positive I can do it, I believe I can achieve combined with action will certainly aid your business.  In the book, ‘The Lessons of the Turtle’ ,by Steve Goodier he has written a chapter called, ‘The Gift of the Butterfly.’

 “The Gift of the butterfly is the lesson of “now”.  Now is the time to turn things around.  Now is one of the shortest words in the language, but one of the most powerful.  Spend some time in action.  Today is the day you choose life.  Today is the day to act.

As leaders we must focus on setting the bar high for ourselves and encouraging our consultants to climb the heights with us.  Being a leader is being a great consultant.  Strong personal business sets the pace for you and your team.  A positive belief in yourself, your company and its products and programs will drive you beyond imagination.

Direct Sales A Good Fit

1164832_coins_1Now more then ever we need to realize that working in a home based business can open doors for you that you never expected.  In preparing this material the more I researched the more excited I got about the possibilities for myself and others.

I love John Kalench’s book, ‘The Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World.’  He shares that one of the keys to success in direct sales is loving your product.  Successful consultants love their products and in my case the company’s programs are so awesome you just have to share and recommend our opportunities.  Back in the early 90’s network marketing/direct sales was the wave of the future.  Well guess what…the future is now!

Fortune magazine calls direct selling-“the best kept secret in the business world.” 

 Network marketing of which I am a part is truly the largest segment of direct sales.  What does network mean?

  • We build relationships with people
  • We build repore with people
  • We develop trust with people

So when we share our products and programs we can have conversation. 

 Many consultants join business networking groups to build their business.  During  daily activities we network, the bank, the grocery store, nail/hair appointments we are in conversation and sharing what we do.  It is something that happens naturally when you are excited and proud of the products you represent.

Remember what Fortune magazine said, “best kept secret”.  Now is not the time to keep secrets.  People are in want and need of what we have to offer.  Start sharing the opportunity for financial security and freedom.  Folks need that now more then ever.  When people are motivated by concern for their financial future, sponsoring and sharing what we have to offer becomes easier.  Today, people are searching for hope and security for their families.

In 2006, U.S. retail sales through direct sales was approximately 32 billion dollars.  Worldwide sales topped $109 billion dollars.  That is a lot of product moving through building relationships.

While reviewing, ‘Lifestyle Magazine’ it was quoted, “home-based businesses continue to be one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy.”  Additionally, in the article, Paul Zane Pilzer, author, “The Next Millionaires”, was quoted, “In today’s world, working for yourself or a small company is actually the safer route and working for a large corporation has become a riskier proposition.”

Business in direct selling is booming and has few if any risks.  There are no employees, no payroll, no storefront rent and no fixed territories.  With my company I love we do not have an investment, to start simply hold on party and earn a FREE kit, plus we do not keep inventory or make deliveries.

If you want more reasons when you listen to David Bach’s CD, ‘Start Smart Finish Rich’ interview he has developed 5 Principles from his book the ‘Automatic Millionaire’.   

 The fifth principle is “Do you have control over your income?”  If you work in corporate America most raises are based on duration not performance.  As David analyzed today’s Americans his research coincided with Parade Magazine’s April 13, 2008 edition, “What is your biggest financial concern?”  Respondents replied the price of fuel, saving for retirement, the cost of health insurance, mortgage payments and sending children to college.

In addition, the survey asked, “What have you had to sacrifice?”  Respondents replied Vacation plans, dining out, home improvements, going to the movies, designer clothes and jewelry.  All of David’s research led him to write, ‘Start Late, Finish Rich’, a book that has devoted an entire chapter to Direct Sales.  During his CD interview he states, “A direct selling business is the way to go to grow your income.”

In today’s economy most of us need to earn more money, how exciting to discover that if you are already in network marketing/direct sales you are in the right place to grow your income.  Living rich is the key to living well.  Money tends to be a short term motivator, but our values, goals and dreams are what we truly believe in and will motivate and inspire us for the long term.

Consider again why or why not have you chosen to be in direct sales. 

 As I wrap this up remember if you are choosing direct sales loving your product is a key to success.  Fortune magazine reminds us direct selling is the best kept secret in the business world and LifeStyle magazine shares home based businesses continue to be one of the fastes growing segments of our economy.   Do your homework learn more about owning a home business.  Direct sales may just be what you are looking for hope, freedom, and financial security.  It’s all about relationships.

Successful Booking Calls

One of my favorite things to do in direct sales is make phone calls.  I love to do them, most days, because it forms the base of my show calendar.  Before you shut down I have one simple question, “What are your Dreams?”  Dreams are the driver to your success, that success drive spills into making phone calls..In today’s world high touch is in demand. 

We will look at Preparation, Action and Follow-Up.

To begin, Preparation how to stay on track is key to your phone calling success.  Have a tracking system in front of you before you begin.  It can be as simple as Name, phone, comment column.  If you are super prepared you may already have your contact names, phone numbers and email addresses ready to go.  Next to each name it is a good idea to put down a reason WHY they need your service.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself ‘I don’t know who to call?’

Consider the following ticklers:

  • Anyone who would book because its a New Season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Hosts who held a show last year at this same time.
  • Guests who attended shows three months prior.
  • Anyone who said, “Maybe later”, guess what its later.
  • Anyone who ever held a show for you.

Secondly, you will want to prepare a script or two depending on the variety of specials you have to offer.  Some keys for your script always ask the customer if they have a quick minute to talk before you plunge in.  I’m so excited…,  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive…, I only have a few Bonus days left, I wanted to make sure I called you so you could take advantage…, and the dates I have are always giving the sooner date last of the two choices.  Before calling look into a mirror and smile.  Play positive upbeat music or just march in place.  You are going after your dreams one phone call at a time.

Now is the time to just do it! Take Action, be natural, be excited, think positive results.  Most important the work on the phone you do today will plant seeds for the future.  Set a time limit for your calling and stick to it.  When the time is up, pat yourself on the back, smile and say “I DID IT”.

The final step in a successful phone call is Follow-Up!  Without this action there is usually no sale, no booking , no opportunity.  During your calling process you will have activities such as someone booked, folks said send me info, call me later or you left a message.  Take time to get organized after each phone session.  Prepare any mail packets, put the maybe later people on your list with phone numbers and when to call back.  Remember you was not home and consider when another call can be made to their work or home and at what time.

Successful Phone Calling will happen for you when you believe it will. Remember to:

  •  Be prepared.
  •  Create your lists in advance.
  •  Write a script.
  •  Take action.
  • Most important follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.

Getting Started

I’m excited to share that I will be getting rolling after the Easter Season.  We are getting ready to purchase a new computer.  One with a screen big enough for me to view all my works.

Why Share my thoughts.

This blog opportunity will be my way to give back to everyone who has ever offered me inspiration, training or great ideas to build my business.  I want to pay it forward if you have happened upon this site.  Welcome.  You have landed in the positive zone.  My goal is to provide support in a positive environment so you can succeed.

Currently, I continue to be an entrepreneur in the direct sales field.  Recently I completed a certification in Nonprofit Management.  And for fun I’ve started my retirement job 20 years early working at a golf course part-time.

My focus for now is to share my experience and expertise if I do say so myself to delve into topics that may assist you in improving your skills and talents for your current career or future or most important for your life.

If you see any typos I apologize in advance since the words vanish behind my too small screen.  I’ll fix it when the new computer arrives.

Quantum Leap to Success

The following is a plan I designed after reading an article in Selling Power Magazine entitled ‘Take a Quantum Sales Leap.’

Unknown to me after reading the article and sharing the concept I actually took the Quantum Leap for myself.  Here’s my story as it relates to my business. As we move along I will share my results and let you know how the leap has continued to propel me forward.  So dream big because the possibilities are here for you.

When we look at superachievers those who have made it to the top it seems easy to see why they are so successful.   They appear powerful, well-respected, intelligent and often adored by many.  What’s easy to forgot is most started with a dream and very little else.  To help you achieve any lofty sales or sponsoring goal we will aim higher then necessary.

To begin, I like to look things up and got the definition of Quantum, it said quantity or amount; smallest amount of radiant energy, Radiant beaming, brillancy:splendor.  Not sure how that fits but here we go.

Now I will be honest my plan may make many of you uncomfortable please read me through with an open heart and mind.  Take time to absorb the information and consider the benefits to your business if you go for it.

Five Step Plan that can help you implement quantum leap thinking that will take you a giant step closer to your dreams and goals.

First, multiply your minimum sales goal by 10 to figure your quantum leap goals.  For example $1800 was Bonus for us at the time I implemented this. Times 10 made it $18,000 for one month of sales.  WOW that would be huge.    I decided to set a goal of $10,000 in sales. My show calendar was in great shape after a Summer of doing major phone calling and seed planting .  The month ended I held 14 shows with sales of $5,100. (pooh!) While attending a Leadership seminar a gal who know I was taking the leap asked me how I did.  Her response, Wow you did 51% of your goal.  I had forgotten that over the past three months I had barely sold $1,800.  The momentum carried into the next month where I sold $9,200 and going into December of that year I sold $5,400.  It took me until October of 2007 when I achieved my goal 10 years after I set it to break $10,000 in sales.  It was a wonderful feeling.

Second, forget your old goals and focus on your new ones.  To give yourself the best chance to succeed at your quantum goals; you must see it not as the goals you want or hope to meet, but as the goals you have to meet.  In your office space set-up new vision posters with your quantum goals.  Stay focused for your success.

Third, conduct a brainstorming session with yourself.  Set an appointment to spend several hours thinking about what you will need to do differently to reach your quantum goals.  One idea – tap into your subconscious by asking yourself, “What can I do to make a quantum leap?” before you go to sleep.  In the morning jot down any ideas that pop into your mind.

Fourth, tailor your ideas to your purpose.  Determine which ideas will be best suited for your sales or sponsoring goals.  Ask yourself what makes each idea potentially profitable and achievable to your dreams.

Fifth, select and implement the brightest ideas.  Create an action plan (yes, write down the goals for yourself) with the selected ideas; how, when, where will you put them into action.  Take time to dream how they will enhance your business.

After the ideas are in action compare your projections with the actual results.  If its working keep going, if its not stop-analyze-readjust and keep going. 

As you achieve your goals don’t rest on your laurels, resist the urge to coast when your hard work and sacrifice pay off.  It’s harder to hold on to success than to attain it, so each time you reach your quantum goals set new ones.  Success is closest when it seems farthest away.  Stay creative as you out your brightest ideas into action.

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