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AKW Success Formula

I enjoy attending leadership seminars and conferences.  In the past I have been asked to share my knowledge on the subject.

  Here’s a little formula called AKW.

ATTITUDE – this to me has always been the key factor in success no matter what you are doing.  Last night we were reviewing a passage from Leadership by John C. Maxwell, the statement read, Our attitude at the beginning of a task will affect its outcome more than anything else.  How will you maintain a positive and forward thinking attitude?  Passion, yes I know it is an overused term these days but do you really love what you are doing?  Do you have fun?  Is it really work or is it more then that.

Bounce Back Ability.  Have you considered how you handle set backs.  Do you focus on them as learning experiences?  Most important do you see where improvement can be made.

Never Give Up.  How strong is your faith in yourself, your goals, your dreams.  How focused will you be to do whatever it takes in your personal business to achieve your Big Picture. 

KNOWLEDGE– training a much overlooked part of going for your goals and dreams.  In my field of business we have numerous systems in place to guide us to success.  Monthly training events are open to all.  Special business building times are set aside to guide team members on their daily business.  We have manuals, dvd’s and of course the opportunity to go live on a sales event.  Once all that knowledge is acquired practice.

WORK– Put time and effort into anything that you are choosing to do.  Do the work to make things happen.  Sometimes you can not believe you are to be successful.  Take time to tell yourself daily, “It’s ok to be successful!”, I can achieve __________ fill in the blank.

A K W – How do the percentages stack up for success?

Attitude 85% , Knowledge 10% and  Work 5%. 

As you see from the percentages your Attitude will truly determine your success in business and life.  When combined with knowledge and work these three tools will guide you to your goals and dreams.

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