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Holiday Starts Equals Success With Basics

It is that time of the year when many folks realize they may need some extra cash for the Christmas Season.  Perhaps it is to have a debt-free Christmas, or one is motivated to payoff credit cards and loans.  As the year ends one can decide to tie up loose ends.  It is also that time of the year when many people decide to try a home based business to earn the extra cash they need versus working retail.

I’d like to share some tips that may assist you in having a successful Holiday business.  Whether you have been in business 15 days, 15 months or 15 years we all can use a review of business basics.  We will explore business habits/practices, attitude and sprinkle in tips for good communication throughout this plan.

A home business fact: “We are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves.” 

Good sponsors and leaders will be there to assist you in growing your Holiday business.  In looking at business habits let’s turn our attention to ethics.  How are yours’?  I tried to find a good definition in the dictionary but the descriptions didn’t do the word justice. However, we all know what ethics are.

What about WORK?  For those just starting be aware of work.  Those of us seasoned folks in a home based business know we have choices, to work, or to procrastinate!  What can you do to strengthen your work ethic?

As a home based business owner you need to BE PREPARED.  A good habit to get into is to create your Action List for each work day is at the end of the day you have completed.  Research shows that overnight as you sleep your brain is processing the list so in the morning ideas and plans of action will seem to just pop in your head during the day.

Second, create a good work environment.  Basic items like a desk, telephone, computer are essentials today.  (Gone is the fax and copy machine.)  Extras may include a file cabinet, shelves for supplies and training materials.  Make your work environment clean and uncluttered.

Third, if you have not done so already have a separate phone line for your business.  No matter what stage you in for the business you need a business line.  Maybe its your cell phone and the message let’s callers know they have reached you and the business line for….  People will take you more serious and know you mean business when this line is in place. 

Maintain a professional, short, yet enticing messages on your answering machine or cell phone message.  No kids greeting your customers on the messages. 

I love the voicemail tool that allows you to be talk in the line and another call may go straight to voicemail.  When I started many years ago that was not an option.  Most important when you work time is done.  Turn off the ringer and go and enjoy life.

Fourth, set office hours for yourself.  Review your life schedule and decide when it makes the most sense to work your business.  Then stick to the time frame you have allotted for your business.  Communicate with family and friends when you have your office hours. If you are interrupted you are able to gently remind them you are on “work time”, unless of course there is an emergency. 

Being flexible but not so flexible is key.  You do not want to flex yourself out of business.  During your office time concentrate on your Action List. 

Have time scheduled for each task and stick to it.  Remember as you are making appointments and booking shows to have your calendar highlighted with the days you have open to work outside the home.  After your allotted work time.  Do any paperwork or prep-work right away.

Fifth, in being prepared as a business owner-remember your dreams.  They hold the key to your success.  Establishing goals for your business is great, achieving the goals is even better.  I love goal setting and have been successful throughout my career by having goals.  

Create a specific action plan for your Holiday business.  What do want to earn next week and then the next week and the next week?  This will build to monthly, quarterly and then yearly goals if you decide having a home based business is for you.  You get to decide how many appointments or shows you wish to hold.  This will help you create your Action List for each work time. 

Write down your goals, create a vision board, share with your sponsore, leader, family and friends.  Let everyone know what you are hoping to accomplish with this business.  Request that key people hold you accountable, however, keep in mind:

 “You are responsible for your own business success.”

In the words of Zig Ziglar: Discipline yourself to do the things you need to do when you need to do them, and the day will come when you will be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them!”

Moving on always check your attitude.  Have a mind set to succeed.  Maintaining positive thoughts, staying motivated and proactive will fuel your business success.  You will find this positive state of mind boosts your confidence and self-esteem.  People will be attracted to you when your aura is sending out positives vibes.  People are craving positive connections in today’s world.  When you choose to go to work do it with an attitude that expects results.  Create positive affirmations or statements to carry around or post in your work space.  Fill your mind and soul with positive tapes, cd’s dvd’s music, books etc.

Finally, be a great communicator.  Many, many items contribute to becoming a terrific communicator here’s a list that I’ve created:

  • Be open
  • Watch your body language
  • Make conversations a 2-way street
  • Learn to ask open ended questions
  • Learn to ask YES question. 
  • Follow up and Follow through with all your activities. 
  • Do what you say you are going to do.

Prepare phone scripts when you are making calls for your business.  As a leader it is important to create or use coaching scripts provided by your company.

Overall, when communicating with others use good grammar, avoid slang and blue humor.  Be professional, avoid gossip, if you have a complaint go up to your leader.  When you have praise and compliments share with everyone.  Your reputation is your greatest commodity. 

How you present yourself, what you say and how you say it effects everyone in the business.  When you act in a professional manner people will take you serious and your success will soar.  Customers will want to be a part of your business.  Potential sponsors will see a sharp, fun and energized business owner and want to be a part your team.

In closing, what makes us successful business owners at any time of the year?  Our work habits.  Strong work ethic, discipline and consistent work time will build your business.  In life choose to have a positive, proactive, I expect great results everyday type of attitude.  Package your professional image in becoming a great business communicator.   You can go the distance and know leadership is waiting for you.

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