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Spring Fever Now’s the Time!!

With Spring in the air now is the time to get rolling with your home based business.  We are constantly being bombarded with negative news but for the most part I believe each individual is responsible for their business, workplace attitude and effort put into their daily living.

If you have been in business or are considering starting a business perhaps a home based one is the place to start.  You will want to create a business plan of action, establish goals, develop a customer strategy-Consider how you will attract business.  Whether you have been in 1 week, 10 weeks or over a year your attitude and how you will go after what you want is key.  Be ready to have many, many people tell you this can’t be done.  If you believe in your heart and soul a part-time or full-time business in direct sales is for you then give it a go!

Find your passion.  What do you really, really  like to do?   Find a company through the Direct Selling Association.  Do your research.  Ask questions before you sign on the dotted line. With most companies once you are in; if you do not like the folks you joined on with you may have to stop and sit out for 1 or more years.  Choice wisely.

Workplace attitude. Truly enjoy what I’ve been doing for over 16 years.  This past Summer I choose to go into the world of nonprofit and still maintain a solid home based business.  The key is my workplace attitude.  When I arrive home from a busy day in the nonprofit world I mentally gear up for about a 30-40 minute work session with my home based business 3-5 days a week.  The goal is to cover the basics contacting customers for bookings, sales and the opportunity to start a business.  Email and telephone calls are my lifeline.  Yes, I’m making more calls and sending more emails then ever before.  It is a new world and working is the key.

Making an effort to touch my business daily is a success tip that I work to live by.  When I’m out during the day I’ve got business cards, catalogs and flyers.  I’m always ready to ask people how life is going.  If, I can be of service remember me.  Lots and lots of seed planting is happening.  Letting people know what you do will help you in the word of mouth advertising department.  Join social media sites and share tips and pointers.  Let folks know when events are happening.  Making an effort daily is a habit, a good habit that takes practice.

Now’s the time.  It’s Spring time for a new attitude, new connections, renewal for yourself and those you care about.  You can make a difference believe in yourself.

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