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Successful Booking Calls

One of my favorite things to do in direct sales is make phone calls.  I love to do them, most days, because it forms the base of my show calendar.  Before you shut down I have one simple question, “What are your Dreams?”  Dreams are the driver to your success, that success drive spills into making phone calls..In today’s world high touch is in demand. 

We will look at Preparation, Action and Follow-Up.

To begin, Preparation how to stay on track is key to your phone calling success.  Have a tracking system in front of you before you begin.  It can be as simple as Name, phone, comment column.  If you are super prepared you may already have your contact names, phone numbers and email addresses ready to go.  Next to each name it is a good idea to put down a reason WHY they need your service.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself ‘I don’t know who to call?’

Consider the following ticklers:

  • Anyone who would book because its a New Season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Hosts who held a show last year at this same time.
  • Guests who attended shows three months prior.
  • Anyone who said, “Maybe later”, guess what its later.
  • Anyone who ever held a show for you.

Secondly, you will want to prepare a script or two depending on the variety of specials you have to offer.  Some keys for your script always ask the customer if they have a quick minute to talk before you plunge in.  I’m so excited…,  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive…, I only have a few Bonus days left, I wanted to make sure I called you so you could take advantage…, and the dates I have are always giving the sooner date last of the two choices.  Before calling look into a mirror and smile.  Play positive upbeat music or just march in place.  You are going after your dreams one phone call at a time.

Now is the time to just do it! Take Action, be natural, be excited, think positive results.  Most important the work on the phone you do today will plant seeds for the future.  Set a time limit for your calling and stick to it.  When the time is up, pat yourself on the back, smile and say “I DID IT”.

The final step in a successful phone call is Follow-Up!  Without this action there is usually no sale, no booking , no opportunity.  During your calling process you will have activities such as someone booked, folks said send me info, call me later or you left a message.  Take time to get organized after each phone session.  Prepare any mail packets, put the maybe later people on your list with phone numbers and when to call back.  Remember you was not home and consider when another call can be made to their work or home and at what time.

Successful Phone Calling will happen for you when you believe it will. Remember to:

  •  Be prepared.
  •  Create your lists in advance.
  •  Write a script.
  •  Take action.
  • Most important follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.
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