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Leader’s Be a Great Consultant

leadershipsqTo prepare for a leadership talk way back when I actually went to the very first notebook of organized training and discovered the roots of my business.  Here is what I shared with those on our leader team.

Simple Formula

  • Book Shows
  • Meet People
  • Book shows
  • Book Shows
  • Share Opportunity and Sponsor
  • Book Shows
  • Book Shows
  • Train Sponsors
  • Book Shows
  • (repeat process)

Now what does this really mean for a leader and her business.  A leader as I know it is nothing more, or less, then a great consultant.  Personal business is the key to success in any direct sales business.  The secret in my specific company is to hold 2-3 live shows a week.  My goal to overbook in case of reschedules and cancellations.  What that really happens?

Making a committment to a Daily Focus/Power Hour Calls, call it what you want, but a committment to actual phonework, email and perhaps even social media these days is essential for personal business and inspiring your team to action for themselves.

Setting Sponsoring goals 2 monthly, 6 quarterly are key components in my field.  Lead generation is one way to remind myself about always sharing the opportunity.  Be prepared with literature, your product, notebook and pen to get names for follow up.  This has been one area where my discipline is lacking.  I know follow up is your bread and butter.

Attitude is going to be key to your success.  A positive I can do it, I believe I can achieve combined with action will certainly aid your business.  In the book, ‘The Lessons of the Turtle’ ,by Steve Goodier he has written a chapter called, ‘The Gift of the Butterfly.’

 “The Gift of the butterfly is the lesson of “now”.  Now is the time to turn things around.  Now is one of the shortest words in the language, but one of the most powerful.  Spend some time in action.  Today is the day you choose life.  Today is the day to act.

As leaders we must focus on setting the bar high for ourselves and encouraging our consultants to climb the heights with us.  Being a leader is being a great consultant.  Strong personal business sets the pace for you and your team.  A positive belief in yourself, your company and its products and programs will drive you beyond imagination.

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