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life coach

Life Coach the Next Adventure

As 2013 begins I find myself heading into new adventures for myself.  After thinking about becoming a life coach for many years I’ve decide the timing is right to move forward with that plan.

In January, I began my journey toward a life coaching certification.  I am happy to share I’m enrolled in “The Wisdom of Life” Life Coach Certification program lead by Patty Jackson.  The opportunity to be in a face to face class is what I enjoy most about it.  My top recommendation at this time is to read the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.

As the year plays out I will be sunsetting my PartyLite business so I may concentrate on serving others through my life coaching business.  No name yet but I’m considering BE-Believe & Experience.  Time will tell, any thoughts from you reading this is welcome.

It’s May 2013 – I’m thinking about BE Coaching Services.  I have two taglines in the works.  Still gellin’ as the commerical says.

In addition, I’ll be sharing a great study on the science of happiness in later posts.  Right now my husband and I are taking the course that is set up similar to a book club.  I would love to integrate this information into my coaching to help teach others about our brain and its desire to help us survive versus wanting us to be happy!


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