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Networking Online Give It A Go

In today’s world social media and new technology is appearing on the horizon faster then we can keep up.  Jumping into the mix may help build your home based business in new avenues you had not thought about.

I’ve attended a number of seminars on the business site LinkedIn.  Every time I’ve walk away with a tip or two to build my business both home based and in the nonprofit world.  Special thanks to Wayne Breitbarth for even writing a fast paced nonsense book, “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success”, a great tool to help you with your profile.

What exactly is online networking? I guess the technical definition is the process of using Web-based tools to connect with people for the purpose of reaching your business and career goals and of course help others to reach their goals and dreams as well.  When venturing into the online networking scene you will find that you are allowed to start and join in on conversations in a variety of groups.

The interesting difference between traditional networking and online networking is it never turns off.  How exciting a 24 hour tool that can move you closer to your goals and dreams.  In addition, the reach you have available to network spans the U.S and event the world.  One day while my husband was on his site my pen pal from Finland’s name was on the screen as people you may know.

Despite technology seeming to be taking over the world building relationships is still the key to success (I believe) in achieving business growth and your personal goals.  It’s about getting to know people to exchange ideas and information, pass along leads and contacts and probably most important to support one another.  As with all networking the key is to think in terms of mutually beneficial relationships that develop over time. 

From my experience it will take time to develop your contacts be choosy and connect with folks you think you may be able to assist and that have partner potential for your business or personal goals.  It is truly about quality versus quantity when building your online networking.  Give it a go you have a great opportunity to gain new friendships and partnerships.  Jump in and test the waters.

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