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photoDo you want to have more success? (might mean having less) Do you desire to feel more fulfilled? Have keener insights on your own happiness? Is it time for you to step off the pavement and unto the path that leads you to new insights about your goals and dreams? If you answered, YES to any of these questions, then it may be time to meet and discover if LIFE COACHING is for you!

Hello, I welcome the opportunity to journey with you and assist you in the discovery of your life. Together we will be guided by “Dream. Decide. Do.”, a unique way to help you grow personally or professionally as you desire. My goal will be to serve as a coach for you as you build the life you wish; that allows you to move toward achievement with balance, positive self-esteem, energy to believe and experience life the way you were meant to!!

As an entrepreneur for over 21 years, I believe YOU can discover or create your personal and professional dreams and goals timeline to serve YOU as a guide for your life.  No dreams, no goals where are you going? Who is in charge if you are not?

My promise to you can be summed up in my personal mission statement:

“I seek to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals by discovering and supporting their dreams both grand and ordinary. I offer my time and talents to support them in achieving their highest potential in personal, family and professional enrichment. My mission has expanded to make a positive impact on nonprofit agencies to assist them in realizing their goals and dreams both grand and ordinary.”

Nonprofit executive board of directors, leaders of nonprofits, special event committee members, and volunteer managers: Need a fresh perspective on your agency and its impact in the community? Let me design a plan that will work for your team. My passion to serve has led me to the nonprofit industry, the third largest industry in America after retail and manufacturing. How can your team capture more resources in today’s competitive nonprofit field? With more than 10 years volunteering and working in the nonprofit industry, let me guide your team to generate new ideas, resources, donors and volunteers.

Say “YES” to Coaching! and let’s move to What’s Possible!

Sign up for a complimentary 45-minute strategy session! It is designed to help you understand your current status, what you really want, and guide you to the next steps in pursuit of your goals or dreams. While that’s a lot to accomplish in 45 minutes, keep in mind we will focus on one specific item or area.

Contact me at to learn more about me and my services.

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