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90 Days Update

Just a note to those of you who may be reading this site.  In August, I posted a note regarding my team’s attendance at National Conference and their plan to go for Leadership in 90 days.

We created our plan, set the action steps and then took action.  Well most of them did.  We did not make the goal of a new region on December 1, but, we had one gal promote out to Unit Leader.  The energy her team has right now is the momentum we are looking for to inspire the next leader and the next.

After watching the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness.”  The message is clear: Your commitment will be the driving force for whatever you choose to do.  Your willingness to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes is up to you.

It’s that time of year when I check in with my team and ask three big questions:

  • Have you decided to own and operate a home based business in 2010?
  • Have you made the commitment to yourself to run it the best way possible for you to be successful?
  • Have you decided what success will look like for you?

We will be meeting this week to review 2010 and where they wish to go.  Remember you all have the right to pursue happiness.  Looking forward to what the next 90 days will bring.

Stay the Course this Summer

1011544_66883133Everybody wants to be succesful, but not everybody will find their way to success.  You determine your success not anyone else.  What happens as you begin your Summer journey toward your goals and dreams?  As a small business owner we must have focus and drive.  What do we want to create from the Summer for Fall? 

 Setting the course and staying on it is what it takes to achieve our goals.

During the Summer many people shut down.  Hey the weather is soooo nice.  Festivals abound and distractions seem everywhere.  Your desire to maintain a strong personal business throughout the Summer that balances sales, lead generations and starting others in their own business is essential.

How will you achieve these goals?  My plan today shares three tips to move you forward.  Daily contact with customers, the action of going out and meeting others in my case through shows, and setting achieveable short term and long term goals will guide us through the Summer.

To begin, have designated time set aside for telephone calls and emails creating the foundation of your business.  It is a necessary tool to have a daily action plan.  As the world grows more complex there are more chances for us to get lost in thought, non business related activities and Summer daydreaming.  In order to pursue success, we need to be aware of the impulses that lead us off our course.  Stay tuned in to your daily action plan do the most important work first.

Second, meeting others through shows, sales calls and networking are building blocks of your success.  In my small business going out and doing demonstrations and sharing product information is my action arena.  This is where I get sales, share the opportunity for others to host and most important share our business opportunity.  New business associates are welcome to come along to train.  Prepare in advance for your sales opportunity, take action and watch out for distractions.  The intention of the world sometimes diverts us from building a path to success and fulfilling our dreams.

Finally,setting achievable goals both short term and long term are truly keys to success.  With my small business, our corporate office helps guide our goals.  How much sales do we need monthly to bonus?, Lead generation how many folks do we want to share with monthly, how many shows do we want to do a week?  Simple but they keep one on track.

Heavyweight Boxing Champion George Foreman was quoted during an interview, “Success begins with a decision.”

When you set the course, you’ll stay the course and say no to all distractions, detours and time wasting activities.  As a result , you can clearly focus on reaching your long term destination.  It is the decision to be successful that helps you develop an internal guidance system that keeps you moving forward.  Are you staying the course?  Now is the time to achieve your Summer dreams.

The Captain of Me                               by Michelle Sweeney

The captain of me is me.  The captain of you is you.  Nobody will tell me who to be or make me do what I shouldn’t do.  No one would push me around, Or push me upon the ground.  I’d stand up and be who I am, Not Jane, Peter nor Pam.  Everyone’s the captain of themselves, it feels good inside.  And if you succeed with the things I’ve said, You know that you’ve surely tried.

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