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time management

Get Time on Your Side

1102389_59174004HATS   by Amy Grant/Chris Eaton

The sun comes up, the breakfast show’s on…can’t you see me running.  It’s crazy don’t you know.  The moon is high, I’m working through the night.  Will somebody tell me where do all the hours go.  Well it don’t stop, No, it’s never gone stop.  Why do I have to wear so many things on my head?  HATS

I’ve got family, I’ve got a home-based business, I’ve got a job and I’ve got ME.

Whew! Can you feel the stress, the craziness. We wear lots of HATS on our head.   To prepare and write this talk I had to set time aside.  At lunch three days before the event  I finally prepared and wrote this presentation.

Thanks to Bill Brooks, author, of  High Impact Selling, I’ve been able to put together a simple yet informative plan to help you get time on your side.  I will be sharing information on Where Time Goes, Check Your Habits, Apply Techniques and Think Positive.

As individuals we have certain times each day that offer greater opportunities than any other time during the day-we will call this your prime time.  Prime time may consist of time spent before prospects it is the time you share what you have to offer from your organization, small business or home based business.


Most of us manage our money wisely, set budgets, stay disciplined.  Or for diet and weight we monitor what we eat and we excerise.  If we didn’t we could go broke or have serious health problems.  Unfortunately, when we work either a home based business or a  job position many times we fail to stay disciplined, focused and complete the tasks at hand.

The most pressing questions about our business activities is not, “What are we doing? but “Why are we doing it?”  You can work hard all day everyday and still not get much real work done.  The questions would then be not “How hard do you work?” but “What do you work at doing?”

With most companies they have systems in place that help you define what needs to get done.  To be a successful individual set your focus on your goals and not on your activities.  If you constantly feel rushed, short on time, odds are good you need to stop and check out your personal time management habits and practices.  Spend 80% of your energy on the 20% that is most important and gains you and your organization the most benefit.


Keep a detailed time log for a definite period of time (2 weeks).  Then carefully analyze it to see what you do with your time.  Rate activities to prioritize them by importance.  The log can be done simply by writing down what you do each quarter hour or so of time you are logging.   Be careful not to change your regular routines to get a more accurate picture.


In addition, to your log keep a list of time wasting activities you notice as you  log your time.  Each time you catch yourself while working in a time wasting situation write the amount of time you did activity.  What are time wasters?  Procrastination, unnecessary distractions/interruptions, excessive socializing, shuffling papers or day dreaming (not always a waste).


Make planning a way of life.  Decide what you want to do.  Put yourself on a schedule.  Consider it a road map to guide your day.  Get your whole life organized, work to unclutter your home, business and personal life.  Practice decisiveness make decisions and then move on them.  This may sound very restrictive but planning fun time is a real part your time plan.  Working in blocks of time and playing in blocks of time helps maintain your sanity.


Concentrate on results not activities.  Be the best you can be during your prime time.  Use time saving devices: answering machines, voicemail, PC, email etc.  Develop time awareness.  Learn to use tidbits of your time productively.  Keep your priorities straight with short to-do lists.  Most important enjoy your free time and be guilt free when you take time for you.  When talking with yourself (yes, I know we do it) come from the positive angle.  Put what needs to be done in a positive statement. 

In closing, I will recommend some type of Daily Focus Sheet.  I personally have found it helps me to use my prime time more effectively and efficiently.  When I sway from using it I can get very distracted.  Remember you wear lots of HATS on your head.  Focus to use your prime time to put 80% of your energy into your top 20% of business activities.  Check your time habits and time wasting activities.  Learn to apply time management techniques and most important do it all with a positive attitude.

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