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Vision does it move you?

1087341_above_cloudsMany years ago I decided to start my own home based business.  I started back in 1993 after a very transitional year.  My husband and I purchased our first house/home and I lost my brother in an accident all in the same day.  We were working  jobs we truly enjoyed but our combined income was about $30,000.  We really probably should not have purchased the home but you know how it is when the bank says okay sometimes you just do it.  We started dipping into our savings which was not a comfortable feeling for two savers. . .

My adventure in direct sales started in November of 1993 at a home show. 

I was not one to attend these types of events but a gal on the volleyball team asked and my friend and I said yes we would come.  The consultant arrived late, the house was packed with guests and I just watched this wild evening unfold.  On the way home my friend and I discussed how far the consultant had travelled, watch what she did and still marveled at all the people in attendance.

 I did the unthinkable I booked a show for December with my thoughts on starting a business and paying my mortgage down.

When I began there was minimal action in our area.  Our region training was provided in the Chicagoland area and I travelled 2 1/2 hours each way.  It was there I discovered our state had no Regional Vic Presidents.  Within six months I wrote a plan, set goals for leadership and began my quest to be the first RVP in our state.  I shared with everyone I met, those who joined our unit and my hosts and guests the we were in the process of creating a region in the state. 

To move everyone and myself I created a Vision Poster.

 It was simply a map of state of Wisconsin cut out and pasted to a flip chart size piece of paper.  Clouds were cut out of white paper and pasted on the map.  When you promoted out your name and unit went on a cloud.  Goals were set for shows to be held monthly, guest attendance, show sales and most important sponsoring leads.  How many people could we talk to and how fast could we get others excited to join us.  A leadership sheet was created with names pencilled in and promote out dates listed.  I set the date for April 1 or May 1 of 1996.  I am proud to say our leaders and consultants saw the vision and ran with it.  We did it.  On May 1, 1996 the On Wicks-consin region was born.

We held a celebration in May that included a Company Vice President, IL Regional Vice President’s and many consultants,  leaders and support people.  My leader and RVP Kay Higbie shared at the celebration, “Barb set her plan, stayed focus but most important she did the work to make it happen.”

Following are a few tips for creating your own vision to go after what you desire.


To begin, you will need to picture your success.  Do you see yourself as a self-starter able to work on your own and with a team?  Do you see yourself earning $40,000, $60,000 or even $100,000 a year? Or perhaps you desire to hold 6 shows every 30 days and bonus.  If you see your picture you’ve taken a big step toward making your vision a reality. The fact is the images that you carry around about yourself play an important role in your future and your level of success.  DREAM BIG, SET GOALS and TAKE ACTION.


Probably the most important element in my book is your attitude.  We hear it over and over again a positive attitude, an attitude of a winner will create super results.  We all recognize (or maybe not) that our outlook on life will effect our success.  To overcome rejection, the economy and the occasional hostile customer it’s important to remember how you handled these situations is largely determined by your inner attitude.  It’s 90% attitude and 10% skill. To stay the course make motivational/inspirational training a part of your daily life.  Read books, listen to upbeat music, check out motivational short stories, quotes, videos and movies.  SEEK INSPIRATION DAILY.


The best is yet to come, but to find it you have to look where you are going.  As we’ve heard you become what you think about.  So instead of dwelling on the past, develop a strong positive picture/vision of now and the future.  Start thinking of yourself not as you were or even as you are but as you want to be.  So decide what are you dreams.  What written plans have you created for your personal and professional life?  When the going gets tough it’s always easier to give in than to keep going. 

 As the saying goes, “Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit”

Through a strong vision of success, a determination to stay positive and a focus to seek the best you will achieve your dreams.  Promise yourself today that you will begin to visualize success and set written goals for yourself.  Recognize your attitude will lead you to a positive present and future for you and your family.

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