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Welcome to 2010!!  Have you purchased your new calendar, created your new goals and thought about your dreams for the upcoming year?  Are you thinking you want to explode in your home-bases business?  How will you do this?

Now’s the time to invite others to join you on your journey in a home based business.  Just this weekend our local Sunday newspaper’s business section hosts The Wall Street Journal Sunday.  In an article by Colleen DeBaise, she writes, So maybe 2010 will be the year that you finally break out on your own. Voluntarily or not.  She goes on write about 52% of all small businesses are home-based, representing a variety of industries.

The great reason many folks give a direct sale home-based business a try is that you can keep your current job and start part-time working nights and weekends.  In our culture joining with a friend is a true key to success.

We have a saying YOU PLUS WHO?  So when asking others to join think in pairs.  Simply say, “Who do you know may want similar benefits from this direct sales opportunity?”

As a leader, I share with our team members when you join; ‘You are in Business for Yourself but not by Yourself.’  When first starting out we will maintain contact by phone and email.  Weekly business calls are a must for those new to the business and those seeking to move into leadership.

Attending show observations is another great way to see if the home-based business you are looking at is a good fit.  For consultants, our number one rule, “Don’t go alone to a show.”  Use the time in the car to train, go over what will take place at the show on the way home talk about what happened.

Once you are in a home based business attend training, special events and non-work related events.  Get to know your team members.  YOU PLUS WHO becomes a powerful success tool for you to grow your business and reach your goals and dreams in 2010 and beyond.

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